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Introduction to the main functions of the blue filter


The blue filter is mainly used in the oil pipeline, which can filter out the sundries in the pipeline. Because its switch is like a basket, it is called a blue filter. And this kind of filter not only has a fairly large filter hole area, but is also two or three times larger than the diameter tube area, which is much superior to ordinary T-type or Y-type filters.

Its accuracy can be said to be the best. As for the blue filter, it is mainly composed of connecting pipes, filter baskets, cylinders, fasteners and other components, and is mainly installed on large oil production equipment. Large solid objects in the pipeline fluid can be removed.

Make mechanical equipment, equipment and instruments, etc., can operate normally, make the process production more stable, and make the production safer. The blue filter can play the role of protection. Blue filter is a device that can remove solid impurities in liquid.

The oil pump can be better protected, or the compressor can operate normally. When the acrobatics in the fluid pass through the filter screen of the blue filter, the solid impurities will be intercepted, and the clean liquid filtered through the filter can be normally discharged from the filter screen outlet. So as to achieve the purpose of filtering.

The blue filter also needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure its basic filtering function. When cleaning, it is only necessary to disassemble the filter cartridge in the filter and clean it. Just reload it again.

In terms of maintenance, it can be said to be quite convenient, so the blue filter should be very widely used in the industrial field of our country. For example, the petroleum industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the chemical industry, and even the environmental protection industry will all use this blue filter. filter. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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