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Introduction of Overflow UV Sterilizer


The ultraviolet sterilizer mainly uses ultraviolet light to sterilize and sterilize, uses ultraviolet light as the light source, and uses the 253.7nm ultraviolet light radiated when the steam in the lamp tube is discharged as the main spectral line to sterilize drinking water. Ultraviolet sterilizer has the characteristics of no dead angle, good light conditions, low energy consumption, flexible and convenient installation and disassembly of equipment, and no secondary pollution. Compared with chlorine gas disinfection, ultraviolet sterilizer does not need to add chemicals, no secondary pollution, and no secondary pollution. Mixing equipment greatly reduces equipment operating costs. If it is drinking water, the ultraviolet sterilizer is safe and will not have adverse effects on the human body due to excessive doses. Compared with the ozone sterilizer, the ultraviolet sterilizer has the advantages of low energy consumption, no large mixer, no fishy smell, etc. It not only looks good, but also reduces operating costs.

1. Features of over-flow ultraviolet sterilizer 1. Shell material: Stainless steel reaction chamber is made of imported thickened wall thickness 304 stainless steel or 316L material, which is the raw material of the largest stainless steel pipe factory in China, and the material is 100% guaranteed. 2. Processing technology: Fully automatic welding, all the teeth are welded smoothly without dead angle after punching, drawing and stretching, and the inner and outer polished high-brightness cavity greatly enhances the intensity of ultraviolet radiation and enhances the sterilization effect. Thickened cavity design, pressure up to 0.8Mpa, factory strict air pressure and water pressure test, completely eliminate water leakage.

3. Ultraviolet lamp tube: It adopts low-pressure high-intensity mercury lamps imported from Europe and America, and its service life is as long as 9000-13000 hours. The supporting high-efficiency electronic ballast further enhances the life and effect of the whole set of sterilizers, making the whole set of sterilization rate as high as 99.99%. 4. Electronic ballast: integrated design with ABS plastic shell, equipped with special single-ended four-pin lamp quick interface, wide voltage design, with preheating start, abnormal protection against electromagnetic interference, fault alarm display function, with fixing holes bit. 5. Quartz casing: imported high-purity quartz material, single-ended open structure, good sealing.

6. Sealing ring: The trapezoidal structure made of food-grade transparent silica gel and a special mold replaces the O-ring to prevent water leakage caused by improper installation. 7. Product specifications: the flow rate ranges from 0.1T/H to 500T/H, meeting the needs of different water consumption. The stainless steel shell of the sterilizer is guaranteed for ten years, and other accessories are guaranteed for one year, and they can be replaced unconditionally within one year (except for damage or human factors and force majeure factors).

8. Design standard: The system design adopts the American NSF55 "ultraviolet microbial water treatment equipment" standard and the national drinking water ultraviolet sterilizer industry standard CJ/T204-2000. 2. Design requirements of over-current ultraviolet sterilizer The design of over-current ultraviolet sterilizer should meet the requirements of GB8988 "Safety requirements for household and similar general-purpose electronic and related equipment powered by grid power supply": (1) The sterilizer is managed according to technology Manufacture of drawings and technical documents approved by prescribed procedures. (2) Parts of the same type of sterilizer are completely interchangeable.

(3) Polish the surface of the sterilizer exposed to ultraviolet rays. (4) The working pressure of the pressure-bearing cylinder is not less than 1.0MPa, and the test pressure is not less than 1.5Mpa. (5) Deflectors can be installed in the barrel or box according to user requirements.

(6) The installation requirements of straight-tube quartz ultraviolet low-pressure mercury lamps and lamp tubes comply with YY/T0160 "Straight-tube quartz ultraviolet low-pressure mercury disinfection lamps". (7) The arrangement of the lamp tubes makes the distribution of ultraviolet intensity on the surface irradiated by ultraviolet rays uniform. (8) The sterilizer is equipped with a lamp ignition indicator. According to requirements, it can be set with an indicator of the accumulated ignition time and a relative indicator of the intensity of ultraviolet radiation.

(9) The tube is a professional product identified by the national health department and the epidemic prevention department. The quartz glass sleeve of the lamp tube is separated from the water, and the transmittance of 253.7mm ultraviolet rays of the quartz sleeve is greater than 90%. (10) The low-voltage electrical appliances selected by the sterilizer should meet the technical requirements of the corresponding products. (11) The sterilizer is equipped with water inlet and outlet pipes, drain pipes, alarm system, and flange interface. When the sterilizer is inconvenient to install the drain pipe, it can also be installed on the connecting pipeline at the same place as the sterilizer.

According to user requirements, it can be equipped with sampling tube, ultraviolet intensity monitor, running time timer, stainless steel bracket, etc. (12) The measured ultraviolet radiation dose of our unit's products equipped with new lamps is greater than 12000μW·S/cm. (should be filled with water), and the ultraviolet radiation dose measured by a normal working sterilizer is greater than 9000μW·S/cm.

(13) Work under the rated disinfection water volume, and the bacteriological indicators of the effluent meet the requirements of GB5749 "Hygienic Standards for Drinking Water". (14) The material of the sterilizer meets the requirements of GB/T17219 "Safety Evaluation Standards for Drinking Water Transmission and Distribution Equipment and Protective Materials". The sterilizer uses SUS304, SUS316L food-grade stainless steel plates.

(15) The head loss of the sterilizer working under the rated disinfection water volume is less than 0.005MPa. 3. The maintenance work management system of the over-flow ultraviolet sterilizer (1) Establish within five working days after the equipment is commissioned and delivered to the customer: 1. "Customer Maintenance Record Form" 2. "Equipment Group Operating Procedures" 3. Assist customers to establish water treatment system operation management system and related daily maintenance requirements (2) Regularly return visits to customers every two months or consult customers to understand the operating conditions of the equipment, and deal with problems in a timely manner; inspect the equipment once a quarter Operation status and make inspection records (3) After receiving customer maintenance information, first fill in the "Customer Warranty Form", and if the failure can be solved in it, fill in the record after the solution, as a reference for the future failure type of the equipment (4) For failures that cannot be resolved, overall arrangements shall be made according to the manpower of technical service personnel and the degree of maintenance urgency, but it shall not exceed the specified time (5) Arrive at the customer maintenance site, first detect the failure phenomenon of the customer unit, check whether the parts are damaged, and make good repairs Spare parts records (6) The faults caused by non-part damages shall be solved on the spot, and those that need to be replaced shall be resolved within 2 working days after receiving new parts (7) After each unit is maintained, the "Maintenance "Maintenance Record Form" shall be archived after signed by the person in charge of the user, and at the same time, the "Maintenance Record Form" shall be faxed to the customer service center at the headquarters of the manufacturer for filing (8) Every time the customer unit is repaired, the replaced parts shall be filled out "Maintenance Spare Parts Replacement Schedule", signed by the customer and the person in charge of the office, and then sent to the customer service center of the manufacturer for filing (9) After each maintenance is completed, the technical service personnel in charge of maintenance must carefully fill in the "Customer Quality Information Feedback" (10) All the original forms are collected at the end of each month and sent back to the headquarters customer service center for archiving (11) Collect all the old and worn parts that have been replaced to the company’s customer service center, and Send back to the headquarters within the time limit to offset the maintenance spare parts used. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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