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Precautions for installing multimedia filter


(1) The parallel tolerance between the outlet tank and the filtration system is required to be no more than 2 mm. (2) The levelness and unevenness of the multimedia filter plate are less than ±1.5 mm. The structure of the filter adopts the overall processing optimization.

When the diameter of the cylinder is large, or when it is restricted by raw materials, transportation, etc., it can also be formed by splicing two lobes. (3) Reasonable treatment of the joints between the filter and the cylinder is particularly important for the air backwashing process. ①In order to eliminate the radial gap between the filter plate and the cylinder caused by errors in filter plate processing and cylinder rolling, arc ring plates are generally welded segment by segment.

The contact parts must be fully welded. ② The radial gap between the central pipe and the filter plate is treated in the same way as above. Remarks: The above measures ensure that the filter and backwash can only be connected through the filter cap or the pipe gap.

At the same time, the distribution uniformity of backwashing and filtering channels is guaranteed. (4) The through hole processed on the multi-media filter has a radial error of ±1.5 mm. The increase of the matching dimension between the filter cap guide rod and the through hole of the filter plate is not conducive to the installation or fixing of the filter cap.

The processing of through holes must use mechanical equipment. (5) The material of the filter cap is nylon and ABS. Due to the filter material added in the upper part, the extrusion load on the filter cap is extremely high, and the strength is required to be high to avoid deformation.

The contact surface (upper and lower surfaces) between the filter cap and the filter plate needs to be equipped with elastic rubber pads. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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