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Detailed explanation of the function and structure of Yelan filter sand tank


Sand filter tank is a conventional water treatment filter equipment. Also known as filter sand cylinder, sand filter tank, pressure filter, fast filter, etc. The principle of filter sand cylinder is simple, easy to operate, and the filter effect is remarkable.

It generally requires a certain pressure of the water inlet. When the water flows through the filter sand tank, the thick sand layer will separate the solid suspended matter in the water. When the suspended matter accumulates to a certain extent, the sand tank can be reversed. rinse. So repeated, you can achieve the purpose of clear water quality. The structure of the filter sand tank is relatively simple. There is a finely made water distributor inside to prevent the loss of sand from the return water. The external sand tank head can easily switch between functions such as filtration and backwashing.

There are three ports on the head of the sand tank, which are water inlet, water outlet and sewage discharge. The three interfaces are all connected by live joints, which can quickly install and disassemble the pipe. The joints of the sand tank head are available in both metric and imperial systems, which can be matched with pipes in different regions.

The connection function of the sand tank head is shown in the figure below: Function description of the sand tank head 1. FILTER filter: normal filter. 2. BACKWASH: to discharge the dirt accumulated in the filter. 3. RINSE flushing: remove the dirt in the sewage pipe.

4. RECIPCULATE cycle: recycle water without filtering. 5. WASTE sewage: direct sewage without filtering. 6. CLOSED: Close all filter functions.

Note: Before changing the position of the valve switch, the water pump must be stopped. The filter materials used in filter sand tanks generally include quartz sand, activated carbon, biochemical filter materials, etc. Quartz sand is widely used because of its stable performance, no need to replace, and convenient material acquisition.

If the biochemical filter material is used as the filter material, the filter sand tank can be used as a biochemical filter. In view of the many advantages of the filter sand tank, it is widely used in various environmental protection water treatment industries. Such as circulating aquaculture, swimming pool sauna project, sewage treatment, drinking water treatment, etc.

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