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Daily maintenance of indoor swimming pool


1. The pool water is cloudy: When the light shines on the surface of the swimming pool containing suspended particles in the water, the light will be dispersed due to the reflected light beams between the particles, which will cause the pool water to appear muddy and not bright. If the suspension in the pool water When the particle content is low, the light reflected from the wave surface of the pool water back to the eyes will have a brilliant light like a perfectly cut diamond, and the visibility in the water will be improved because the light is not blocked. The reason why fine particles are suspended in water is because they all have the same charge and repel each other, even if they cannot settle down, they will also repel each other with the filter medium, so that they cannot be removed by filtration, that is, they are too stable In water treatment chemistry, there is a kind of drug called destabilizer, which is commonly known as coagulant, which can neutralize the charge of suspended particles, so that these particles can be aggregated into relatively large colloidal particle groups called For rubber feathering, these large particles of rubber feathers can be sedimented or captured by filters and removed. In the application of swimming places, it is called water purification engineering. It has also been developed for the special water quality properties of swimming pools. A series of clarifying agents that are more efficient and safer for the human body are used to replace aluminum-based coagulants and high-molecular coagulants. These clarifiers are decomposable, fast and effective, and will not cause sedimentation After use, the visibility of the pool water can reach more than 25 meters within 1.5 pool water cycles. 2. Smell of chlorine: The smell of chlorine in the swimming pool is very strong, which is the result of the reaction between chlorine and the human body's metabolism of ammonia and nitrogen-containing organic substances (such as urea, sweat, saliva, nasal mucus, etc.).

remove .Reducing or preventing the existence of chloramine is the main goal of eliminating chlorine odor. There are several ways to achieve this goal: a.Use of super chlorine: that is, Super Chlorination ,Using the amount of chlorine added ten times of the combined chlorine, put it into the pool water instantly to assist the combined chlorine to cross the turning point of chlorine addition and convert the chlorine-containing organic matter into nitrate to achieve the effect of eliminating the smell of chlorine. b. Ozone: The use of ozone can give strong oxidative decomposition of urea and other ammonia-containing and nitrogen-containing organic substances before they are combined with chlorine, so that chloramine has no chance to form, and the reaction residue of ozone is oxygen. After overflowing the water surface into the air, it makes the air feel fresher. c. Chemical nascent oxygen: that is, SHOCK, which uses a large amount of chemical nascent oxygen to generate an instantaneous high oxidation potential concentration peak, destroys the molecular structure of combined chlorine, and causes organic ammonia nitrogen to become nitrogen to overflow the water surface.

d. Ultraviolet rays; ultraviolet rays can decompose denitrification after the formation of chloramines, destroying the existence of chloramines, which can be felt from the fact that there is no chlorine odor in outdoor swimming pools (not volatilized) e. Odorless chlorine powder : Utilize ammonia nitrogen complex conversion, increase the oxidation-reduction potential, reduce the irritating taste of chlorine odor by 1/4 and accelerate the decomposition of chlorine odor irritating taste. f. Water quality activator: isolate urea and other ammonia-containing, nitrogen-containing organic matter and chlorine, reduce the generation of combined chlorine, and avoid chlorine odor to stimulate the taste. 3. Black algae control: Black algae (Black algae) algae) is a very tenacious algae, which is born in the joints of the pool bricks in a stacked shape. The resistance to chlorine can reach 40ppm, which is quite tenacious. It is a typical product of long-term low chlorine and high pH. The black algae penetrates the pool wall with long roots and attaches , unlike free-floating cyanobacteria, which only lightly stick to the surface of the pond body, and have very different flake changes in shape, it cannot be easily removed like other algae. The main reasons are as follows: a. The surface of black algae is resistant to chlorine sex.

b. The root system of the black algae will be protected by the surface algae. c. The surface of the pool body where the black algae attaches is relatively rough, which increases the difficulty of peeling off. d. The places where black algae exist are almost indoor children's pools or paddling pools. Usually, the chlorine content in these pool areas is not easy to maintain, and the content of organic pollutants in the water is relatively high, which is a screening product of long-term low chlorine and high pH.

The methods to remove black algae are as follows: a. Increase the concentration of chlorine. b. Change the method of algae removal and use different types of algicides to transfer the resistance of black algae. c. Rub the algae-growing area directly with an acidic chlorine tablet.

d. Pool body pickling: Drain the pool water and use pickling agent to refresh the tile joints covered by black algae. e. Algaecide: Maintain high chlorine content during the sterilization process. Algaecide can destroy the anti-chlorine layer on the surface of green algae, help guide the penetration of chlorine to the surface of green algae, and destroy the vitality of algae. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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