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How will the manganese sand filter material develop when it encounters water with a relatively high manganese content?


Manganese sand filter material my country has abundant groundwater resources, many of which contain excessive iron and manganese, known as iron-containing manganese-containing groundwater. When the iron content in the water is high, the water has an iron smell, which affects the taste of the water. It is used as production water for papermaking, textile, printing and dyeing, chemical industry and leather refinement, which will reduce the product quality; iron-containing water can make household appliances such as porcelain basins and bathtubs Rust spots occur, and yellow or brown stains will appear on washed clothes; iron precipitates Fe2O3 will breed iron bacteria, block pipes, and sometimes red water will appear. Manganese sand and water with high manganese content have similar problems to those with high iron content, such as: coloring, smelling, and tasting water, impairing the quality of industrial products such as textiles, papermaking, brewing, food, and household appliances It will stain brown or black, and wash clothes will have slightly black or light gray spots.

For this reason, my country's "Drinking Water Sanitation Standard" (GB5749-85) stipulates that the concentration of iron and manganese shall not exceed 0.3mg/L and 0.1mg/L respectively, and the raw water exceeding the standard shall be treated by removing iron and manganese. There are many ways to remove iron and manganese from groundwater, but they generally use the same principle to oxidize dissolved ferrous iron or manganese into undissolved ferrous manganese under the action of a catalyst (such as manganese sand). Compounds of valent iron or tetravalent manganese are removed by filtration. Manganese sand filter chemical method: 4Fe2++O2+10H2O 4Fe(OH)3+8H+2Mn2++O2+2H2O 2MnO2+4H+ product description: manganese sand filter realizes the perfect combination of "aerospace" technology and traditional water treatment process, adhering to the strong pressure resistance of the metal sand tank and the lightness and corrosion resistance of the non-metal sand tank.

Different from ordinary sand tanks and thermoplastic sand tanks with plastic liners wound with glass fibers, the inner tank and external reinforcement of manganese sand filters are made of glass fiber reinforced plastics, which has incomparable pressure resistance performance of other non-metallic sand tanks. Manganese sand filter is suitable for drinking water purification, pre-filtration pretreatment of reverse osmosis, reuse of reclaimed water, removal of iron and manganese from groundwater and other similar occasions. The manganese sand filter material for water treatment uses natural manganese sand to remove iron filter material to illustrate the technical requirements of manganese ore support materials.

The natural manganese sand filter material used for the removal of iron and manganese from groundwater, the form of manganese should be mainly manganese oxide. The natural manganese sand filter material with a manganese content (calculated as MnO2) of not less than 35% can be used for both iron and manganese removal in groundwater; natural manganese sand filter material with a manganese content of 20% to 30%, It is only suitable for removing iron from groundwater; manganese ore with manganese content less than 20% should not be used. It is advisable to give priority to using natural manganese sand varieties that have been proved by scientific experiments or production use to obtain good iron and manganese removal effects as filter materials.

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