how to turn on hayward pool filter


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How to Turn On Hayward Pool Filter

If you are lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard, then it is essential to know how to maintain it properly. One crucial part of this maintenance is turning on the pool filter. The pool filter cleans the water by filtering out smaller particles, keeping it clean and safe to swim in. In this article, we will guide you through the process of turning on a Hayward pool filter.

Understanding the Hayward Pool Filter

Before we jump into the ‘how’ of turning on the Hayward pool filter, let’s take a minute to understand the basic components of a pool filter.

Hayward pool filters are designed with three main parts - the filter tank, the filter head/control valve, and the pump. The filter tank contains the filter element, and the pump is used to circulate water through the filter. The control valve is used to regulate water flow and enable backwashing, cleaning, and rinsing.

Checking the Power Supply

The first step to turning on the Hayward pool filter is making sure there is power supply available for the filter system. The Hayward pool filter is typically powered by a 220v circuit breaker. Check the circuit breaker panel and ensure the circuit connected to the pool filter is switched on.

If the circuit breaker has not tripped, and there is no power to the filter system, we recommend contacting an electrician to diagnose the issue.

2. Turning On the Pump

Once you have verified there is power to the filter system, you can now turn on the pump. The pool pump is responsible for circulating water through the filter, removing any dirt or debris.

Most Hayward pool filters come equipped with a power switch located on top of the pump motor. Simply flip the switch to the ‘on’ position to turn on the pump. You may also need to prime the pump. This can be done by adding water to the pool pump basket before turning it on.

3. Configuring the Control Valve

The control valve on the Hayward pool filter is essential for regulating water flow and ensuring the filter runs correctly. There are three essential valve positions- filter, backwash, and rinse.

Filter Position: The filter position circulates pool water through the filter, removing any dirt or debris.

Backwash Position: This position is used to remove any debris stuck to the filter media. Water flows in the reverse direction from normal, taking any trapped debris out of the system.

Rinse Position: The Rinse position is used to flush out any remaining dirt, ensuring the filter is clean.

To turn on the Hayward pool filter system, turn the control valve to the ‘filter’ position. This typically requires turning the valve handle counterclockwise to align it with the ‘filter’ setting.

4. Monitoring the Pool Filter

Once you’ve turned on the Hayward pool filter system, keep an eye on it. Ensure the filter and pump are operating correctly, and water is being circulated through the pool.

If you begin to experience any issues with the filter, such as loud noises, visible leaks, or low water pressure, we recommend turning off the filter system and contacting a pool maintenance professional.


Turning on a Hayward pool filter may seem intimidating at first. But, now that you are familiar with the fundamental components of the filter system and the steps involved in turning it on, you should be able to do it with confidence. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and monitor the filter’s operation for any issues. Happy swimming!


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