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How to Install a Sand Cylinder Filter


The installation and maintenance of the sand tank filter is very simple, all you need is a screwdriver, wrench, PVC glue and sealing tape to seal the plastic union. 1. The sand tank filter should be placed on horizontal concrete or a solid surface with comparable hardness. In addition, the location where the filter sand tank is installed should be convenient for pipeline connection, operation of the control valve and maintenance of the sand tank filter. 2. Filling of the filter sand, the filter sand should be filled from the upper opening of the filter.

(1) Loosen the nut and remove the filter control valve (if the control valve has been installed) (2) Cover the mouth of the plastic pipe with a plastic protective cover to prevent the filter sand from entering; (3) Fill the filter sand Before, we asked to inject half of the clean water into the filter cavity, which would act as a buffer to prevent damage to the cylinder and internal devices when the filter sand was put in; (4) It was required to fill the filter sand with the correct grade and weight. , the center tube must be placed stably in the center of the cavity, and the nozzle should be covered with a protective cover. The surface of the filter sand should be in the middle of the filter cavity, and then the protective cover should be removed. 3. Install the control valve on the filter (1) Put the control valve (with sealing ring) into the upper opening of the filter, and pay attention to align and insert the central tube in the filter and the hole at the bottom of the switch; (2) ) Tighten the nut with a wrench to connect the control valve and the filter; (3) Install the pressure gauge (with sealing ring) at the screw hole of the control valve body, do not overtighten. 4. The nozzle marked "PUMP" on the valve body is connected to the water pump, the pipe returning to the swimming pool is connected to the nozzle marked "RETURN" on the control valve, and the nozzle marked "WASTE" on the control valve is connected to the sewage pipe.

5. Connect the water pump separator to the water inlet of the water pump, and the installation of the water pump suction pipe. 6. For the connection of the water pump power system, the water pump should be equipped with a suitable leakage protection switch. 7. Check the firmness and tightness of the pipeline connection, and no leakage is allowed.

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