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How to improve the service life of reverse osmosis membrane


The reverse osmosis membrane is the most important in the reverse osmosis equipment. The reverse osmosis equipment is mainly composed of a multi-stage high-pressure pump, a reverse osmosis membrane, a membrane shell (pressure vessel), and a bracket. However, the most important thing is the reverse osmosis membrane. How to improve the service life of reverse osmosis membrane has become an important consideration for many users.

There are several reasons for the damage of reverse osmosis membrane elements, which can be effectively avoided after being known. ① Improper operation causes damage to the reverse osmosis membrane. This is a frequent problem and the most difficult problem to solve. It is recommended that users must undergo systematic training before operating the equipment. The most common problem is that the method of shutting down is wrong. Before shutting down the equipment, there is no thorough flushing, because the concentration of inorganic salts on one side of the membrane is higher than that of the raw water, which is easy to scale and damage the membrane elements. If left unattended for a long time, it will cause water The treatment efficiency is reduced and the water yield is reduced.

In addition, during the pretreatment flushing, if the cleaning is not clean, the membrane elements will be polluted. ②Because there is a large amount of residual gas in the reverse osmosis equipment operating under high pressure, the formation of air hammer will damage the membrane elements. After the equipment is emptied, when it is restarted, the gas will be quickly boosted to run without exhausting the gas.

The remaining air should be exhausted at a pressure of 2 to 4 bar, and then the pressure should be gradually increased for operation. ③ When the pretreatment water supply is insufficient, such as the microfiltration is blocked, the joint between the pretreatment system and the high-pressure pump is not well sealed or leaks (especially the microfilter and the subsequent pipeline leak), in places where the seal is not good due to vacuum Some air will be sucked in. The microfilter should be cleaned or replaced to ensure that the pipeline does not leak.

In short, the pressure should be increased gradually when there are no air bubbles in the flowmeter, and the air bubbles should be gradually lowered to check the cause during operation. ④ The reverse osmosis equipment is equipped with a chemical dosing system. Sometimes, in some cases, the chemical dosing box does not work, or the chemical is gone, so that the membrane elements may be blocked and scaled, causing pollution to the membrane elements. Affect the service life of membrane elements.

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