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How to deal with the dust in swimming pool water


Dirt in swimming pool water can affect the clarity of the water and make it look cloudy. Turbidity is the most concerned issue for swimmers. Usually they judge the quality of swimming pool water by looking at whether the water is clear. If there is dust in the water and the water is not clear, it will affect the business of the swimming pool. So how to deal with the dust? The dust in the swimming pool is generally suspended in the water, which is relatively small. combined with equipment.

Common water purifiers include solid polyaluminum chloride precipitants and liquid clarifiers. Dust treatment method 1: Use polyaluminum chloride precipitant: use it after the swimming pool is closed at night, usually 5-10 kg for 1000 cubic meters of water. To suck up the mud, you need to use a manual sewage suction machine for the swimming pool, that is, the underwater vacuum cleaner for the swimming pool, which cannot be sucked by a fully automatic sewage suction machine. In addition, you can’t get up too late, because when the sun comes out, the water temperature will rise and the sediment will refloat, so you should get up early to suck up the sediment.

Also avoid using it on rainy days. Dust treatment method 2: To remove dust from the swimming pool, you can also use clear water clarifier and Creed clarifier, either of which can be used together with the circulation system. Not only the effect is good, but also does not need to absorb dirt.

The amount of clarifying agent is 1kg per 1000 cubic meters of water. When in use, the circulation system is turned on. After a week of circulation, the water becomes clear and transparent, which can filter 99% of impurities, and the water is naturally clear and translucent. About once a week is enough. This is probably the way to deal with the dust in swimming pool water. If you want to know more, you can consult customer service.

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