how to clean sand pool filter


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How to Clean Sand Pool Filter

As a swimming pool owner, you know that regular maintenance is essential to keep your pool at its best. One essential part of this is keeping your pool filter clean. A sand pool filter is an effective option for capturing dirt and debris, but it also requires periodic cleaning to maintain its effectiveness. Here's a guide on how to clean sand pool filter.

1. Understand when to clean the filter

It's a good practice to clean your pool filter occasionally, but you don't need to do it too frequently. A general rule of thumb is to clean your sand filter at least once a year or as frequently as the pool demands. Look out for symptoms of a dirty filter like poor water circulation, cloudy water, and algae growth.

2. Turn off the pool pump

Before you start cleaning the sand pool filter, turn off the pool pump. Leave it off until you complete the cleaning process to prevent any damage and any chance of electrocution.

3. Drain the water from the filter

After turning off the pump, the next step is to drain the water from the filter. You can do this by turning the backwash valve and letting the water flow out through the side of the pool. Ensure you have adequate drainage and let the water flow to an appropriate place.

4. Open the sand filter

Now remove the lid of your sand filter to reveal the sand bed. If your sand filter has a multiport valve, turn it to the backwash mode. It enables water to flow inside and out of the sand filter, and the sand bed will be not disturbed.

5. Clean the sand filter

It's time to start cleaning the sand filter. Use a garden hose to clean the sand bed filter. Direct the hose above the filter so that the sand bed doesn't get churned up. Keep spraying until the water flows clear. Now turn off the tap and close the backwash valve.

6. Replace the filter

Once you clear the sand filter, place the inner parts back into the filter housing. Ensure that everything fits tightly and correctly.

7. Fill the filter with water

The next step is to fill the sand pool filter back up with water. During the first refill, pour water gently to prevent the sand bed from becoming disrupted. Ensure you leave enough space for the required amount of sand.

8. Add fresh sand

Finally, the last step is to add new sand back to the sand filter. Purchase the right type of sand filter as some pool filters have specific sand products they use. After pouring in the sand, gently use the handle to level it out. Be careful not to damage the inside structure of the filter.


Cleaning your sand pool filter is an essential process to keep your pool running in excellent condition. If you follow the steps mentioned above, you can do it safely and correctly. Remember that cleaning your pool filter regularly will save you money in the long run, and your pool will always be ready and available for use.


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