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how to clean pool filter above ground


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Having an above ground pool in your backyard is a fantastic way to spend your summer. However, it's essential to continue cleanliness and maintenance, including taking good care of your pool filter. By cleaning your above ground pool filter, you can ensure it functions correctly and keep your water crystal clear. In this article, we'll discuss how to clean a pool filter above ground.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Pool Filter

First off, let's delve into why cleaning your pool filter is essential. Your filter is responsible for removing contaminants and debris from your water, so if it's not functioning correctly, your pool water won't look inviting. Additionally, a poorly maintained pool filter can lead to several severe problems, like algae and bacteria growth, which can cause several health issues.


Before you start cleaning your pool filter, it's essential to gather the right materials. To clean a pool filter, you will need:

- A filter cleaner

- A garden hose

- Rubber gloves

- A soft brush or pool filter cleaning tool

Once you have these materials on hand, you can move on to the next step.

Removing the Filter

The first step is to remove the pool filter from the pool pump system. To do this, turn off the power to your pool's pump and filter system, then locate the filter. Most above ground pool filters are located inside a canister that can be easily unscrewed or unlatched.

Clean the Filter

Now that you have removed the filter, it's time to clean it. We recommend using a pool filter cleaner specifically designed for above-ground pool filters. This cleaner will help break down any accumulated dirt, grime, or debris.

Pour the filter cleaner solution into a large container and submerge the filter. Let it soak for at least six hours, allowing the cleaner to break down any contaminants on the filter.

After the filter has soaked for six hours, remove the filter and rinse it with a garden hose. Pay attention to the filter's elements, which typically resemble pleated fabric. Use a soft brush or pool filter cleaning tool to clean the elements carefully, ensuring all the debris is removed.

Reassemble the Filter

Once the filter has been cleaned, it's time to reassemble it. Reattach the filter elements and replace the filter canister cover, ensuring that the seal is intact. Finally, reconnect the filter and pump to the electrical supply and switch on the power.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning your above-ground pool filter is an essential part of maintaining your pool's sanitation and long-term health. By following the steps outlined above, you can ensure your filter is working well and keep your pool's water clear and clean. Remember to repeat this process every few weeks, depending on the usage of your pool, to maintain optimal cleanliness.


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