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How to choose swimming pool water treatment equipment?


Swimming pool water treatment equipment is like the heart project of the swimming pool. The most important task in building a swimming pool is the selection of swimming pool water treatment equipment. Choosing Boying's "stainless steel sand tank" is like choosing a good heart for the swimming pool, so that the swimming pool can make longer-term, stable profits and save maintenance costs. . So how to choose swimming pool water treatment equipment? Follow the following principles: 1. High filtration accuracy, high efficiency, and stable effluent quality; 2. Water distribution and distribution should be uniform, without short-flow phenomenon; 3. The material is strong, impermeable, corrosion-resistant, and does not pollute water quality; 4. Equipment Small size, small footprint, and easy installation; 5. Simple operation, easy maintenance, and low operating costs.

2. Principles for determining the number of swimming pool sand tank filters: 1. The filtration capacity should meet the requirements of swimming pool circulating water volume and cycle period. 2. Swimming pools for competitions and professional training and large public swimming pools for different purposes should be equipped with their own swimming pool sand tank filters. 3. Due to the different swimming objects received by each swimming pool, the different swimming loads cause the unevenness of the pool water pollution and impurities, the gap between the filter material and the filter wall of the sand tank of the swimming pool causes short flow of water, and the resistance of the filter layer increases. Reduced water flow, uneven thickness of diatomite coating and piping of swimming pool sand tank filter will all affect the performance of swimming pool sand tank filter.

Therefore, each swimming pool sand tank filter should have a certain amount of allowance. At present, there is no exact data on the amount of wealth, which can only be determined by the designer after careful analysis of the above situation. 4. Swimming pool sand tank filters are generally not used for equipment, so each swimming pool should not be less than 2 swimming pool sand tank filters, so that when one of the filters is overhauled, the other swimming pool sand tank filter continues to run to ensure that the swimming pool continues to operate. open for use.

At the same time, it can also be used to backwash another swimming pool sand tank filter to fully ensure the backwashing effect. Swimming pool sand tank filter series: filter combination, top sand filter tank, side sand filter tank, commercial sand filter tank, horizontal sand filter tank, central water purifier, polyester fiber paper core filter. Swimming pool sand tank filter application fields: Swimming pool water treatment field: Water treatment fields such as large-scale competition constant temperature swimming pools, public swimming pools, training pools, geothermal hot springs, and water parks.

Domestic water treatment field: Domestic water treatment fields such as water plant pretreatment, direct drinking water purification, and secondary water supply purification. Industrial and agricultural water treatment fields: freshwater mariculture, agricultural irrigation, industrial cooling water treatment, reclaimed water reuse and other industrial and agricultural water treatment fields. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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