how to change sand in doughboy pool filter


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How to Change Sand in Doughboy Pool Filter

Swimming pools serve as a great source of leisure, entertainment and relaxation in summer. However, maintaining a clean and enjoyable pool can be quite the task. One of the most significant parts of maintaining your pool's cleanliness is keeping your pool filter well-maintained. The Doughboy pool filter is one of the most popular pool filter types available in today's market.

As with any other pool filter, the Doughboy pool filter needs to be cleaned and maintained to ensure that it is functioning properly. Changing the sand in the filter is a vital part of its maintenance, ensuring that the filter can perform at its best. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to change the sand in your Doughboy pool filter!

1. Turn off the Pool Pump

Before starting to work on your pool filter, ensure that your pool pump is turned off. This safety measure is essential to avoid any potential injuries from the electrical connection of the pump.

2. Open the Filter Tank

The next step is to remove the filter head, and you can do this by opening the tank. You can use a wrench or pliers, depending on the location and size of the bolts. You will need to detach the bolts around the tank head, and this could vary depending on the model of your Doughboy filter.

3. Remove the Sand

Once you have access to the inside of the filter, you should remove the sand. You can do this by attaching a small vacuum cleaner hose to the sand filter's draincock. Ensure you don't clog your hose as you suck out the sand.

4. Clean the Inside of the Tank

After removing the sand, the inside of the tank will need cleaning. Use a hose and spray the inside of the tank with water until you have cleaned out all of the debris and dirt that may have accumulated.

5. Add New Sand

Now, it's time to add the new sand. Pour sand into the filter tank, and if need be, you can seal the draincock opening to prevent sand from leaking out. You can use a funnel to add sand into the filter to ensure it is adequately filled and that all the sand granules are in the correct position.

6. Reassemble

After adding new sand to the filter, it's now time to reassemble the system. To do this, you will need to return the filter head and reattach the bolts around the tank head. Double-check all bolts and ensure that everything is tightly secured.

7. Prime the Pool Pump and Turn it On

Before turning on the pool filter, you will need to prime the pool pump to remove any air that may have become trapped in the system during the reassembling process. Once you have primed the pump, turn it on, and let it run for at least an hour before testing the water.


Keeping your pool filter clean and maintained is essential to ensure that your pool is always ready for use. Changing the sand in your Doughboy pool filter is a vital part of maintaining the system and ensuring it works correctly. Follow these simple steps to change the sand in your filter and enjoy a clean and well-maintained pool all summer long!


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