how to change above ground pool filter sand


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The above-ground pool filter sand is an essential element for keeping your pool clear and clean. Over time, sand particles can become clogged, dirty, and inefficient, reducing your pool's filtration capabilities. Replacing or changing the sand is an easy and necessary process for maintaining your above-ground pool. In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of changing the above-ground pool filter sand.

I. Signs that you need to change the above ground pool filter sand

Before diving into the process of changing the above-ground pool filter sand, it's vital to understand when it's time to replace it. Some signs indicate that the sand needs to be changed. If you notice that your pool water is cloudy, your filter becomes clogged, or your pool water's backwash is unusually high, then it's time to change the sand.

II. What tools are needed for changing the above-ground pool filter sand?

Before starting the process, you will need a few essential tools to complete the job. These include a screwdriver, a pool filter sand replacement kit, packing tape, and a garden hose.

III. Drain the pool filter tank

Before changing the filter sand, you need to drain the tank. Turn off the electricity running to the pool pump and filter, close the valves that control the flow of water to and from the filter, and remove the drain cap from the bottom of the tank. Drain the water and let the tank air dry.

IV. Remove the old sand from the pool filter tank

Once the tank is drained, remove the old sand from the pool filter tank. Use a screwdriver or any other similar tool to remove the laterals in the distribution tube located at the center of the tank. Keep the laterals aside as they will be required when you install the new sand. Dispose of the old sand into a plastic bag and seal it with tape.

V. Clean the tank and laterals

Before installing the new sand, make sure the tank and the laterals are thoroughly cleaned. Use a garden hose to clean the laterals and the inside of the tank. Make sure no sand or debris is left in the tank.

VI. Add new pool filter sand

Now it's time to add the new pool filter sand. Pour the new sand from the bag into the pool filter tank. Make sure you pour it slowly to avoid any damage to the laterals. Fill up the tank until the sand level reaches the manufacturer's instructions in the owner's manual.

VII. Reinstall the laterals and distribution tube

When you add the new sand, it's essential to reinstall the laterals into the distribution tube. Insert the laterals into the holes and make sure they are secure. Reattach the distributor tube to the bottom of the tank and screw it in place.

VIII. Test the pool filter

Once you have completed the installation, turn on the pool pump and filter. Run the pool filter for a few hours and check the pool water for any sign of debris, sand, or cloudiness. This will ensure that the new sand is working correctly and the pool filter is operational.

In conclusion, replacing the above-ground pool filter sand will help keep your pool clean and clear. Always keep an eye out for signs that indicate the sand needs to be changed, and follow the steps we have covered in this article. With the right tools and a little effort, you can change the filter sand yourself and save money on professional fees. Don't forget to test the pool filter to ensure everything is working correctly before resuming your pool activities.


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