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How to calculate the size of swimming pool sauna sand filter?


The correct pool sauna sand filter for pool water treatment will be an appropriate size based on the flow rate of your pool, pool pump and surface area of ​​the filter media. All pool sauna sand filter minimum and maximum flow rates that the pump must belong to. Too weak or too much flow and pool sauna sand filter will not work properly.

In terms of sanitation regulations for swimming pools, the municipal sanitation regulations require a minimum turnover rate of two complete failures of filtered water within 24 hours. Most pool pumps turn around much faster than that which is why some people prefer to use a two speed pump capable of pumping water. The 2-speed pump efficiently uses as little electricity as possible while meeting minimum turnover.

When choosing a pool sauna filter for swimming pool water treatment, it is important to note that the faster the water moves through the piping system, the more resistant the water is to flowing. This means that slower pumps such as low speed pumps in 2 speeds have an increase in flow per unit of power with lower speeds and high speed options. But it is important to note that with a maximum of 2 speed settings the low speed pump will not be able to meet the minimum flow requirement for the pool sauna sand filter to function properly.

Always make sure that the flow rate of the pump does not exceed the designed maximum flow rate of the pool sauna filter. If the pump is too powerful, it will cause too much agitation of the sand inside the pool sauna sand filter and some sand will pass through the multiport valve and end up at the bottom of the pool. If the pool is used for commercial, semi-commercial or high turnover bather applications, then you will want to choose a pool sauna sand filter that will allow you to turn over the entire volume of water at least four times every 24 hours.

This can ensure the quality of swimming pool water treatment. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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