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How to better maintain swimming pool equipment sand tank filter


No matter what kind of equipment it is, it needs to be well maintained in order to better play its role. Similarly, as the most important sand tank filter in swimming pool equipment, it also needs maintenance, so how can we prolong the life of the sand tank? Boying swimming pool sand tank filter is made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant , Boying sand tank unique design, can evenly stabilize the water flow, high efficiency drainage system, easy installation, maintenance, and convenient. The dirt in the water is retained by the filter bed, and the clearer the sand-filtered water, the higher the efficiency. All the procedures are operated by the multi-way valve, regular backflushing, and sewage discharge.

The swimming pool filter uses special filter sand to trap the tiny dirt in the pool in the tank. The filter sand is used as a medium to remove dirt and is filled in the cavity of the filter. When the pool water with suspended dirt is pumped Microscopic dirt is filtered out by the sand bed when pressed into the filter. The filtered clean water passes through the control switch at the bottom of the filter and returns to the swimming pool through the pipeline. This entire process is continuous and automatic and provides a complete cycle for the pool filter and plumbing system.

After a period of use in the swimming pool filter tank, the accumulated dirt hinders the water flow and weakens it. At this time, the filter should be cleaned. Turn the control switch to"BACKWASH"At this time, the water flow becomes the reverse direction flow, and the water flow directly reaches the bottom of the filter cavity, and then recoils up through the sand layer, flushing the previously captured dirt and residue from the sewage outlet. After flushing, the control switch "RINSE"position, turn on the water pump for 0.5 to 1 minute and then turn it off, then in the "FILTER" position, restart normal filtration. The above is the introduction of how to better maintain the sand tank filter of swimming pool equipment. As the most important position in swimming pool water treatment, the sand tank needs to be maintained carefully.

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