how to backwash your pool filter


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How to Backwash Your Pool Filter

If you own a swimming pool, keeping the water clear and sparkling is one of your top priorities. And making sure your pool filter is functioning correctly is essential in maintaining water quality. However, after prolonged use, the filter becomes congested with particles and debris that it has collected from the water. Cleaning the filter by backwashing is required to eliminate the dirt and material build-up.

In this article, we will show you exactly how to backwash your pool filter.

What is Backwashing?

Backwashing is a process of cleaning your pool filter by passing the water through the filter-dumping waste material out of the filtration medium into the waste line rather than the swimming pool. This procedure is necessary to ensure the pool filter is operating at its optimal capacity.

When do you need to backwash?

It would help if you backwashed your pool filter when the pressure gauge shows an increase in pressure of 8 to 10 pounds above the clean start-up pressure.

How to backwash your pool filter

Below are the steps to follow to backwash your pool filter:

1. Turn off Your Pool Pump

The first step to take is to turn off the swimming pool pump. You need to avoid running the pump when the pool filter valve is in the backwash position.

2. Turn the valve handle position

Next, you need to move the pool filter valve handle to the backwash position. This will redirect the water that flows into the filter in reverse, causing loosened debris to flow out to the drain or the waste pipe from the pool.

3. Turn on the pool pump

After you have turned the pool filter valve handle to the backwash position, you can now start the pool pump. Allow the pool pump to run for two to three minutes or until the clear water comes out of the waste pipe.

4. Rinse

After completing the backwash process, rinse the pool filter by turning the valve handle on the rinse position. This helps to clear-out the leftover particles before returning to the filter setting.

5. Return to Filter Setting

After the rinsing stage, move the pool filter valve handle to the Filter setting. This is the default position that allows water to pass through the pool filter and into the pool.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning the pool filter is one of the most essential aspects of pool maintenance. Backwashing it regularly also plays a significant role in providing clear pool water. We hope this comprehensive guide on how to backwash your pool filter would help maintain the optimum health of your swimming pool. Remember to backwash your pool filter when necessary and follow the steps outlined above for efficient results.


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