how to backwash a jacuzzi pool filter


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How to Backwash a Jacuzzi Pool Filter

If you own a Jacuzzi pool, keeping the pool water clean and clear is important for the longevity of your pool. The Jacuzzi pool filter plays a big role in keeping your pool water clean by removing debris and other contaminants. However, the filter needs to be backwashed periodically to ensure that it is working efficiently.

In this article, we’ll help you understand what backwashing is and how to do it correctly to maintain the quality of your Jacuzzi pool water.

What is Backwashing?

Backwashing is a process where the water in the pool gets reversed through the filter, causing the dirt and debris to be expelled out from the filter. The process of backwashing means, the water from the pool is pumped into the filter and out of the waste pipe. The whole process allows the filter to remove the accumulated dirt and debris, restoring the flow of water.

When to Backwash?

It’s important to know when it’s time to backwash your Jacuzzi pool filter. If you notice that the flow of water through the filter is reduced, or the pressure gauge shows high pressure, it’s time to backwash. It’s suggested to backwash your filter once every week, or when the pressure gauge shows backwash pressure.

Steps to Backwash:

Before starting the backwashing process, it is important to have the following items on hand:

- Rubber gloves

- A garden hose

- A backwash hose

Follow the steps below to backwash your Jacuzzi pool filter:

Step 1: Turn off the pool pump - Before you start the backwashing process, turn off the pool pump to prevent any damage to the filter system.

Step 2: Turn the filter valve - Turn the filter valve to the backwash position.

Step 3: Attach the backwash hose - Attach one end of the backwash hose to the filter waste pipe and the other end to the sewage system drain.

Step 4: Turn on the pump - Turn on the pool pump and let it run for about two minutes or until the water turns clear.

Step 5: Turn off the pump - Turn off the pool pump and redirect the filter valve to the rinse position.

Step 6: Rinse the filter - Turn the pool pump back on and let it run for one minute to clear out any remaining impurities.

Step 7: Turn off the pump - Turn off the pool pump and redirect the filter valve to the filter position.

Step 8: Replace the filter - Change your filter regularly to ensure the longevity of your pool's filtering system.


Backwashing your Jacuzzi pool filter is vital for maintaining the cleanliness of your pool water. By using the right equipment and following the steps mentioned above, you can ensure an efficient backwashing process. With proper care and attention, your pool filter will last for many years, providing you with sparkling clean water to relax in.


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