how to backwash a hayward cartridge pool filter


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How to Backwash a Hayward Cartridge Pool Filter

Maintaining a clean swimming pool is essential for enjoying a pleasant swimming experience. Maintaining a clean pool, however, can be challenging, especially if you have a cartridge pool filter. Over time, the filter can become clogged with debris, making it difficult to clean the pool water effectively. One quick and effective solution to this problem is to backwash the filter. In this article, we will guide you through the process of how to backwash a Hayward cartridge pool filter.

What is a Hayward cartridge pool filter?

Hayward is a reputable manufacturer of swimming pool filters, and their cartridge pool filters are very popular among homeowners. A cartridge pool filter works by trapping dirt, debris, and other contaminants in a pleated filter cartridge. Unlike sand or diatomaceous earth filters, cartridge pool filters do not require backwashing as frequently. However, when the filter cartridge is dirty, it needs to be replaced or cleaned.

Why is it essential to backwash your cartridge pool filter?

Backwashing your Hayward cartridge filter regularly can help to remove trapped dirt, debris, and other contaminants. When the water flow through the pool filter reduces significantly, it's an indication that it's time to backwash the filter. When you backwash your Hayward cartridge pool filter, you're essentially reversing the flow of water through the filter to clean the filter cartridge.

Step by step guide on how to backwash a Hayward cartridge pool filter

Before you begin the backwash process, ensure that the filter pressure gauge shows a pressure reading between 8 to 10 psi above the baseline reading. Here are the steps to backwash a Hayward cartridge pool filter:

Step 1: Turn off the pool pump

Before you begin any work on your Hayward cartridge filter, always turn off the pump. This is an essential safety measure to prevent any electrocution that may result from working on a live electrical connection.

Step 2: Release the air pressure from the filter tank

To release the pressure from the filter tank, rotate the air relief valve on the filter counter-clockwise. Air will escape from the valve until water begins to flow out of the valve. Once water starts to flow from the air relief valve, turn the valve clockwise to close.

Step 3: Turn the pool pump onto backwash mode

Set the filter valve to backwash mode to redirect water flow from the pool filter. If you have a Hayward filter valve, turn the handle to the backwash position. If you have a different type of filter valve, consult the manufacturer's manual for instructions on how to put it into backwash mode.

Step 4: Turn on the pool pump

Once the filter valve is in backwash mode, turn on the pool pump. This will cause water to flow backward through the filter cartridge, removing any contaminants trapped in the filter.

Step 5: Monitor the water

While the pump is running, monitor the water flow into the waste line. Once the water flowing out of the waste line becomes crystal clear, you can turn off the pool pump.

Step 6: Rinse mode

Set the filter valve to rinse mode and turn on the pump. This will flush the remaining debris from the filter and secure the cartridge. Rinse for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Step 7: Stop the pump and reset the filter

After rinsing, turn off the pump and set the filter valve to the filter position. Put the pump on again so that the system is adequately cleaned. Reset the filter pressure and record the next cleaning interval.

In conclusion, a Hayward cartridge pool filter needs to be maintained regularly to keep your pool water clean and safe for swimming. Backwashing is an important step toward achieving your goal, and by following this guide, you can safely and quickly perform this maintenance task. Be sure to check the filter pressure regularly and determine when it's time to backwash. Remember, if you're unsure about how to backwash your Hayward cartridge pool filter or have any concerns, consult a professional pool service.


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