how to backwash a hayward above ground pool filter


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How to Backwash a Hayward Above Ground Pool Filter

If you own an above ground pool, you know the importance of keeping it clean and maintaining the filtration system. One crucial aspect of keeping your pool clean is regular backwashing of the pool filter. Backwashing reverses the flow of water in your filter, flushing out accumulated dirt and debris. This process helps your filtration system work efficiently and ensures that your pool water remains crystal clear.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps of backwashing a Hayward above ground pool filter.

1. Understand When to Backwash

Knowing when to backwash your pool filter is crucial. If you don’t backwash your filter when it’s necessary, your pool’s water clarity will suffer. Here are a few signs that your pool’s filter needs backwashing:

- Your pool water appears cloudy or murky

- The pressure gauge on your filter reads 8-10 PSI over the initial startup pressure

- You notice reduced water flow from your pool’s return jets

If you notice any of these warning signs, it’s time to backwash your filter.

2. Turn Off the Pool Pump

The first step in backwashing your pool filter is to turn off the pool pump. Before you start backwashing, make sure to disconnect any skimmer baskets or vacuum hose attachments.

3. Drain the Water Out of Your Filter Tank

Once the pool pump is turned off, it’s time to drain the water out of your filter tank. To do this, locate the multiport valve on your Hayward filter. It’s typically located on the top of the filter tank.

Connect a backwash hose to the waste port of the multiport valve. This hose will carry the backwash water away from your pool. After attaching the hose, open the waste valve, allowing the water to drain from the filter.

4. Switch Multiport Valve to Backwash

After draining the water out of the filter tank, it’s time to switch the multiport valve to the backwash setting. Turn the valve so that the pointer on the valve is lined up with the backwash setting.

5. Turn the Pump On and Backwash the Filter

With the valve switched to the backwash setting, turn the pool pump back on. This will initiate the backwash process. Allow the filter to run in backwash mode for approximately two minutes or until the water in the backwash hose runs clean.

During this process, you will see dirty water coming out of the backwash hose. This is completely normal, as the backwash process is designed to flush out built-up dirt and debris.

6. Rinse the Filter

After backwashing, it’s essential to rinse the filter. To rinse the filter, turn the multiport valve to the rinse setting, then start the pool pump. Allow the filter to run in rinse mode for approximately one minute or until the water coming out of the filter tank is clear.

7. Return to Filter Mode

After the backwashing and rinsing is complete, turn off the pool pump and return the multiport valve to the filter setting. Reconnect any skimmer baskets or vacuum hose attachments that you disconnected earlier.

8. Turn the Pump Back On

The final step is to turn the pool pump back on and let it run in filter mode. Your pool filtrations system is now clean and ready to provide clear and clean water for your pool.


Regular cleaning and maintenance of your above ground pool’s filtration system is essential for keeping your pool water clean and clear of debris. Backwashing your Hayward filter is a crucial part of this maintenance process. Follow these simple steps to backwash your filter and maintain crystal clear water in your above ground pool.


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