how often should i replace pool filter cartridge


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How Often Should I Replace Pool Filter Cartridge?

Pool maintenance is a necessary chore for pool owners. One of the essential parts of pool maintenance is cleaning the pool filter cartridge. It is important to know when to replace the pool filter cartridge to optimize pool performance and maintain pool cleanliness.

What is a Pool Filter Cartridge?

A pool filter cartridge is a component of a pool filtration system. It is a cylindrical filter made of paper or polyester that traps debris and impurities from circulating pool water. The pool filter cartridge catches particles, such as dirt, leaves, and insects, to keep the pool water sparkling clean. Over time, the debris collected in the pool filter cartridge can clog the filter, reducing its effectiveness at cleaning the pool water.

When to Replace the Pool Filter Cartridge?

1. Visible Damage

When examining the pool filter cartridge, look for visible signs of damage, such as cracks or tears in the filter material. These damages compromise the filter's ability to trap debris and impurities, reducing its effectiveness.

2. Water Pressure

If you notice water pressure dropping or water flow slowing down, it may be time to replace the pool filter cartridge. The clogged filter can slow down the pool water circulation, affecting the filter's ability to maintain pool cleanliness.

3. Frequency of Cleaning

The frequency of cleaning your pool filter cartridges can give an indication of when to replace it. Over time, the accumulated debris and impurities can reduce the effectiveness of the filter. If you find yourself cleaning the pool filter cartridges more frequently, it may be time to replace the cartridge.

4. Age

Pool filter cartridges have a lifespan. Manufacturers recommend replacing the pool filter cartridge after a year of use. If you are unsure of your cartridge's age, check the manufacturer's recommendation for your filter model.

5. Water Quality

Pool water quality varies depending on the location, frequency of use, and maintenance. If you notice a change in water quality, such as increased turbidity or cloudiness, it may be time to replace the pool filter cartridge. The pool filter cartridge's effectiveness may have reduced, allowing the impurities back into the pool.


Maintaining clean pool water is an essential part of pool maintenance. The pool filter cartridge plays a crucial role in keeping the pool water crystal clear. Knowing when to replace the filter cartridge is essential in maintaining optimum pool performance. Regular inspection, cleaning, and replacement of pool filter cartridges ensure crystal clear water for your pool.


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