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How Much Sand Do You Need for Your 19 Inch Pool Filter?

When it comes to maintaining your pool, a vital component is the pool filter. A well-functioning pool filter can keep your pool free from debris, bacteria, and other impurities that can harm your health and affect the water's clarity. However, if you want your pool filter to function correctly, you need to use the right amount of sand. Here's what you need to know about how much sand to use for a 19-inch pool filter.

What Type of Sand Should You Use for Your Pool Filter?

Before we delve into how much sand you will need, it's essential to know what kind of sand you require. Pool filters typically use a specific type of sand known as pool filter sand. This sand is coarser than regular sand but still fine enough to trap pollutants, dirt, and other impurities.

There are other types of sand that you can use, such as zeolite or glass filter sand. Both of these options are more expensive but claim to have a longer lifespan than traditional pool filter sand. Still, traditional pool filter sand is the most commonly used sand in pool filters.

How Much Sand Do You Need for a 19 Inch Pool Filter?

When it comes to determining how much sand you need for a 19 inch pool filter, a general rule of thumb is one pound of sand per square foot of filter area. As a 19 inch pool filter typically has a filter area of around 1.8 square feet, you will need approximately three pounds of pool filter sand for your filter.

It's worth noting that you should not fill your filter tank to the brim with sand. Typically, you should leave around six inches of free space at the top of your filter tank. If you overfill your filter tank, you risk damaging your valve or creating backpressure that can damage your pool's pump.

How Do You Add Sand to Your Pool Filter?

Adding sand to your pool filter is a relatively simple process. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you through the process.

Step 1 – Turn Off the Pool Pump: Before you begin adding sand to your filter, ensure that you switch off your pool pump. This will prevent any water from flowing into your filter tank while you are adding sand.

Step 2 – Remove the Old Sand: If you are replacing your pool filter's old sand, you'll need to remove it first. To do this, open the filter tank and scoop out the sand using a plastic scoop or your hands.

Step 3 – Clean the Filter Tank: Once you've removed the old sand, you should clean the filter tank thoroughly. Use a hose to rinse the filter tank's walls and ensure that there is no sand left in any crevices.

Step 4 – Add the New Sand: Once the filter tank is clean and dry, pour the new pool filter sand into the filter tank. Use a plastic scoop to ensure that the sand is distributed evenly.

Step 5 – Reassemble the Filter Tank: Once you have added the new sand, reassemble the filter tank. Ensure that all of the components are securely in place and that there are no gaps in the filtration system.

Step 6 – Turn On the Pool Pump: Once you've reassembled the filter tank, you can switch on your pool pump. Run your pump for around two minutes to help the sand settle into the filter tank.


Maintaining your pool's filtration system is a crucial aspect of pool maintenance. If your pool filter is not working correctly, your pool water can quickly become contaminated and unsafe to swim in. When it comes to replacing your pool filter sand, it's important to use the right amount to ensure that your filter functions correctly. By following the steps we've outlined in this article, you can ensure that your filter has the correct amount of sand and is functioning correctly.


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