how much does a pool heater heat the water


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How Much Does a Pool Heater Heat the Water?

Summer is all about enjoying the warm weather and spending as much time as possible in the water. A swimming pool is an excellent addition to your home, especially during the summer months. However, the water in the pool can often feel too cold to spend an extended amount of time in. This is where a pool heater comes in handy. But how much does a pool heater heat the water? Here's everything you need to know:

What Is a Pool Heater?

A pool heater is a device that is installed alongside your swimming pool, which helps to regulate the temperature of the water. The goal of a pool heater is to warm up the water in your pool, so it is comfortable enough for you to swim in. However, pool heaters come in different shapes, sizes, and efficiencies. Some can increase the temperature of your pool quickly, while others may take longer.

How Much Can You Expect the Water Temperature to Increase?

Pool heaters usually come with a temperature range. The temperature range refers to the maximum increase in the temperature of the water that the pool heater can provide. Therefore, when choosing a pool heater, you should ensure that you pick one that can heat the water in your pool to your preferred temperature range. Usually, pool heaters can increase the water temperature by around 1 to 2 degrees per hour. Therefore, if you want to increase the water temperature by 10 degrees, you should expect it to take anywhere between five to ten hours.

What Factors Affect the Heating Process?

Several factors can influence how much a pool heater can heat the water. These factors include:

1. The size of your pool: A larger pool will require more energy and time to heat up than a smaller pool.

2. The temperature outside: The colder it is outside, the more energy and time it will take for a pool heater to warm up the water.

3. The efficiency of your pool heater: An energy-efficient heater may heat up the water faster than a less-efficient pool heater.

4. Your previous water temperature: If the temperature of the water in your pool was already warm enough, the pool heater may not take long to reach your desired temperature.

5. The type of pool heater: Different pool heaters work in various ways; some may take longer to heat water up than others.

How to Choose the Right Pool Heater

When choosing a pool heater, you should consider several factors. These factors include your budget, your pool size, and your desired temperature. Usually, you should choose a pool heater that can heat up the water in your pool at a reasonable speed without increasing your energy bills too much.


Pool heaters are essential during the summer months as they ensure that your pool water is at a comfortable temperature. How much a pool heater heats up the water usually depends on several factors, including pool size, energy efficiency, and weather temperature. When choosing a pool heater, ensure that it suits your budget and desired temperature and can heat up the water in your pool quickly.


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