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A new pool filter system is an essential investment for homeowners who own a pool. Aside from keeping the water clean and sparkling, it ensures swimmers' safety, supports pool equipment longevity, and reduces maintenance cost. Therefore, before buying a pool filter system, every homeowner should be aware of its cost and the multiple factors that affect its price.

Comparing the cost of different pool filter systems

Swimming pool filter systems come in various types that differ by the filtration media and mode of operation. Here are the common pool filter systems with their average prices:

1. Sand filter system: It's the most traditional and affordable pool filter system that uses sand as the filtration media. The average price for a sand filter system ranges between $200 and $600, depending on the size and brand.

2. Cartridge filter system: This pool filter system uses pleated cartridges to remove debris, impurities, and suspended particles. The average price of a cartridge filter system is between $300 and $800, depending on the size and brand.

3. DE filter system: The diatomaceous earth (DE) pool filter system is the most effective and costly pool filtration system that can trap even the smallest dirt and bacteria particles. The average price for a DE pool filter system is between $500 and $1200, depending on the size and brand.

What affects the cost of a pool filter system?

Apart from the type of pool filter system, the following factors also affect the cost of a pool filter system:

1. Pool size: The larger the pool size, the more extensive the pool filter system, and consequently, the costlier it gets.

2. Pool usage: If the pool is frequently used, requires more filtration capacity, and needs a heavy-duty pool filter system, the cost goes up.

3. Water source: If the source of water used to fill the pool is hard, the pool filter system's cost increases since hard water contains more minerals that clog the filter system.

4. Complexity of installation: A pool filter system that requires extensive plumbing work and electrical installation is more expensive than a straightforward plug-and-play pool filter system.

5. Brand: The pool filter system's brand also affects its cost, with high-end brands being pricier than standard brands.

Maintenance cost of pool filter systems

The cost of the pool filter system isn't the only expense homeowners should consider. They should also factor in the pool filter system's maintenance cost, including the replacement of the filtration media, the pool pump, and the electricity cost. On average, homeowners should budget an annual maintenance cost of around $100-$500, depending on the type and size of the pool filter system.


In summary, investing in a new pool filter system is a necessary step in maintaining a clean, healthy, and safe swimming pool. However, the cost of the pool filter system isn't the only factor to consider. Crucial factors such as the pool size, usage, water source, and complexity of installation also affect the filter system's cost. To make an informed decision, homeowners should weigh the cost against the benefits and the pool filter system's maintenance cost before making a purchase.


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