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Are you tired of constantly replacing your pool filter cartridges? It may be time to invest in D.E. powder for your pool filter. D.E., or diatomaceous earth, is a natural substance made up of fossilized diatoms that act as a powerful filter aid for your pool system. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using D.E. powder in your pool filter and answer the common question, "How much D.E. do I need for my pool filter?"

1. What is D.E. Powder and How Does it Work?

D.E. powder is a fine, white powder that is made up of microscopic diatoms. These diatoms are the skeletons of tiny single-celled organisms that lived in water millions of years ago. When D.E. powder is added to your pool filter, it coats your filter grids or fingers and traps even the smallest particles.

D.E. powder works by creating a dense filter layer that captures debris as it passes through your filter system. Unlike traditional pool filter cartridges, which need to be replaced frequently, D.E. only needs to be added a few times a year, making it a cost-effective solution for pool maintenance.

2. Benefits of Using D.E. Powder in Your Pool Filter

Aside from its cost-effectiveness, there are many benefits of using D.E. powder in your pool filter. Here are just a few:

- Improved Water Clarity - D.E. powder can trap particles as small as 2-5 microns, making your pool water crystal clear.

- Longer Filter Life - Because D.E. powder only needs to be added a few times a year, it can extend the life of your filter grids or fingers.

- Lower Energy Costs - Because D.E. powder creates a denser filter layer than traditional cartridges, it allows water to flow through more easily, reducing the energy required to circulate water.

- Reduced Chemical Usage - By removing debris more efficiently, D.E. powder can reduce the amount of chlorine and other chemicals needed to keep your pool water balanced.

- Environmentally-Friendly - D.E. powder is a natural substance that won't harm the environment.

3. How Much D.E. Do I Need for My Pool Filter?

The amount of D.E. powder you'll need depends on several factors, including the size of your pool, the size of your filter, and the manufacturer's recommendations. As a general rule, you'll need one pound of D.E. powder for every 10 square feet of filter area.

To determine your filter area, check your filter manufacturer's specifications or consult with a pool professional. Once you know your filter's square footage, you can use this formula to calculate the amount of D.E. powder you'll need:

(Filter Area / 10) = Pounds of D.E. Powder Required

For example, if your filter has a surface area of 60 square feet, you'll need:

(60 / 10) = 6 pounds of D.E. powder

4. How to Add D.E. Powder to Your Pool Filter

Adding D.E. powder to your pool filter is a straightforward process, but it's important to follow these steps to ensure proper distribution.

- Backwash your filter to remove any debris and excess D.E. powder from the previous cycle.

- Add the recommended amount of D.E. powder to your skimmer (as per the manufacturer's recommendations).

- Turn on your filter system and allow it to run for several minutes to distribute the D.E. powder throughout the filter.

- Once the pressure gauge on your filter reaches 8-10 psi higher than the starting pressure (often marked on your filter's gauge), it's time to backwash again and add fresh D.E. powder.

It's important to note that D.E. powder is a fine dust and should be handled with care. Use a mask when adding D.E. powder to your skimmer to avoid inhaling any particles.

5. Where to Buy D.E. Powder for Your Pool Filter

D.E. powder is widely available at pool and spa supply stores, as well as online. When purchasing D.E. powder, be sure to look for a high-quality, food-grade product that is safe for use in your pool. And remember, while D.E. powder is a cost-effective solution for pool maintenance, it should be used in conjunction with regular pool maintenance practices, such as brushing and vacuuming.

To conclude, D.E. powder is a natural and cost-effective solution for pool filter maintenance. By adding the correct amount of D.E. powder to your pool filter, you can enjoy crystal clear water, longer filter life, reduced energy costs, and a more environmentally-friendly pool. So why not make the switch and see the benefits for yourself?


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