how long should i backwash pool filter


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How Long Should I Backwash My Pool Filter?

Maintaining a clean and sparkling swimming pool is not an easy task, and one of the essential aspects of pool care is regularly cleaning the pool filter. But how long should you backwash your pool filter? In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about backwashing your pool filter, including when to do it, how often, and for how long.

Understanding the Pool Filter

Before we delve into how to backwash your pool filter, it’s essential to understand what it does. The pool filter’s primary function is to remove impurities from the water, such as dirt, debris, and small particles. The filter traps these impurities inside, and over time, the filter will get clogged, reducing its effectiveness. This is where backwashing comes in.

What is Backwashing?

Backwashing is the process of cleaning the pool filter by reversing the flow of water. It’s like blowing the dirt out of a vacuum cleaner filter. In the backwash process, the water flows in the opposite direction, starting from the filter and going back to the pool, taking the dirt and debris with it. It’s a simple and effective way to keep the filter clean and functioning correctly.

When Should You Backwash?

There are a few signs to watch out for that indicate it’s time to backwash your pool filter. These include:

- Reduced water flow: If you notice that the water flow from your pool jets is reduced, it may be time to backwash the filter.

- High filter pressure: If the gauge on your filter shows high pressure, it’s a sign that the filter is clogged and needs cleaning.

- Cloudy water: If the water in your pool appears to be cloudy, it could be due to dirt and debris trapped inside the filter. Backwashing can help clear up the water.

- Regular maintenance: It’s a good practice to backwash your pool filter every three to six months, regardless of whether you notice any of the above signs.

How Often Should You Backwash?

The frequency of backwashing your pool filter depends on how often the pool is used and how much debris accumulates in the water. On average, it’s recommended to backwash your pool filter every two to four weeks during the swimming season. However, keep in mind that every pool is different, so it’s best to check the filter pressure gauge and adjust as necessary.

How Long Should You Backwash?

The ideal duration for backwashing a pool filter depends on the type of filter you have, the size of your pool, and the amount of dirt and debris trapped in the filter. In general, it’s recommended to backwash until the water in the sight glass runs clear. This typically takes about two to three minutes.


Backwashing is an essential part of maintaining a clean and healthy pool. Knowing when to backwash, how often, and for how long can help ensure your pool stays sparkling clean all summer long. Remember, regular pool maintenance is key to enjoying your pool season after season, year after year.


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