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how does swimming pool pump work


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How Does a Swimming Pool Pump Work?

Swimming pool pumps are essential for keeping a swimming pool clean and healthy. Without a properly functioning pump, the water in your pool will become stagnant and can lead to a buildup of algae and other harmful bacteria. In this article, we will discuss how swimming pool pumps work and how they help to keep your pool clean and safe for swimming.

Understanding the Basics of a Pool Pump

Every swimming pool system consists of several components, including a filter, pump, and pipes that circulate the water. The pump is responsible for drawing water from the pool and pushing it through the filter where contaminants are removed before returning clean and filtered water back to the pool.

The pump motor drives an impeller, which is the component responsible for creating pressure and pushing water through the pool's filtration system. Once the water passes through the pool filter, it returns to the pool through return jets, where it is recirculated.

5 Subtopics

1. How the Pump's Impeller Works

The impeller is located inside the pump housing and is responsible for creating pressure that pushes water through the pool's plumbing. When the pump motor is turned on and begins to spin, the impeller begins to rotate, drawing water into the suction port and expelling it through the discharge port. The faster the impeller rotates, the greater the pressure it creates, pushing the water through the system.

2. The Pump's Motor

The pump's motor is the driving force behind the pressure that the impeller generates. The motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, turning the impeller rapidly to generate the required pressure. The motor's horsepower rating determines how much pressure it can create and how much water it can circulate at any given time.

3. Working in Tandem With the Pool Filter

The pool filter is a critical component that works hand in hand with the pool pump in maintaining the pool's cleanliness. The pump's primary objective is to circulate water through the pool plumbing and filter, which traps dirt, debris, and other contaminants in its filter media. This thoroughly filtered water is then returned to the pool through the return jets, ensuring that the pool remains debris-free.

4. Keeping the Pool Water Circulating

One of the critical functions of a swimming pool pump is to continuously circulate the water within the pool. By doing so, the pump ensures that equal amounts of chlorine and other sanitizers are distributed evenly throughout the pool, keeping it free from harmful bacteria and pathogens.

5. Choosing the Right Pump

When selecting a pool pump, several factors come into play, including your pool's size, the filter's flow rate, and the pump's horsepower rating. All these elements must be taken into account when selecting the appropriate pump to ensure it can maintain proper water flow and filtration without wasting energy or being too powerful.


The swimming pool pump is one of the most critical components of a pool's circulation system. By placing the pool's water into motion and circulating it through the filtration system, the pump ensures a clean and healthy swimming pool. Understanding its workings and ensuring its proper operation is essential to maintain your pool's optimal cleanliness and safety.


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