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How Does a Cartridge Pool Filter Work?

If you own a swimming pool, you know how important it is to keep the water clean and clear. One of the most important components of your pool's filtration system is the cartridge pool filter. But how does a cartridge pool filter work? In this article, we'll explore the basics of cartridge pool filters and explain how they keep your pool water clean and safe for swimming.

The Basics of Cartridge Pool Filters

A cartridge pool filter is essentially a large, cylindrical container that holds one or more filter cartridges. The cartridges themselves are made of a porous material, such as polyester or cellulose, that traps debris and contaminants as water flows through them. When the water enters the filter, it first passes through a pre-filter that removes larger debris, such as leaves and sticks. Then it flows through the cartridge, where the finer particles are trapped.

Once the water has passed through the cartridge, it is returned to the pool through the discharge pipe. Some cartridge pool filters also have a pressure gauge that measures the water pressure inside the filter. If the pressure gets too high, it's a sign that the cartridge needs cleaning or replacement.


1. Advantages of Cartridge Pool Filters

2. How to Choose the Right Cartridge Pool Filter Size

3. Cleaning and Maintenance of Cartridge Pool Filters

4. Common Problems with Cartridge Pool Filters and How to Fix Them

5. Installing a Cartridge Pool Filter

Advantages of Cartridge Pool Filters

Compared to other types of pool filters, such as sand or diatomaceous earth (DE) filters, cartridge pool filters offer several advantages. They are generally easier to install and maintain, and require less water and energy to operate. Cartridge filters also tend to filter out smaller particles than sand filters, resulting in cleaner pool water. Additionally, cartridge filters don't require the use of dangerous diatomaceous earth powder, which can be harmful if ingested or inhaled.

How to Choose the Right Cartridge Pool Filter Size

Choosing the right cartridge pool filter size depends on the size of your pool and the rate at which water flows through it. Manufacturers recommend a specific flow rate for each filter, which is based on the filter's size and the pool's size. If the flow rate is too high, the filter may not be able to capture all of the debris and contaminants in the water. If the flow rate is too low, the filter may become clogged and require more frequent cleaning or replacement.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Cartridge Pool Filters

Over time, the filter cartridges will become clogged with debris and need to be cleaned. To do this, you can remove the cartridges from the filter housing and wash them with a garden hose or pressure washer. It's important to clean the cartridges regularly to prevent them from becoming too clogged, which can reduce their effectiveness and cause the filter to operate at a higher pressure.

Common Problems with Cartridge Pool Filters and How to Fix Them

One common problem with cartridge pool filters is that they can develop leaks as they age. This is typically caused by wear and tear on the filter housing or O-rings. If you notice a leak, you should shut off the pump and filter immediately and inspect the housing and O-rings for damage. Another common issue is a reduction in flow rate, which can be caused by clogged cartridges or a dirty pre-filter. In this case, you can try cleaning the cartridges or replacing them if they are too clogged.

Installing a Cartridge Pool Filter

If you're installing a new cartridge pool filter or replacing an existing one, it's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully. Make sure to select the correct filter size and type for your pool, and ensure that the filter housing is properly secured and sealed. Once you've installed the new filter, it's a good idea to check the water flow rate and pressure to ensure that everything is working properly.

In conclusion, cartridge pool filters are an easy and effective way to keep your pool water clean and clear. They offer several advantages over other types of filters, and are easy to maintain and clean. By following the tips and guidelines in this article, you can ensure that your cartridge pool filter is working properly and providing safe, healthy water for you and your family to enjoy.


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