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how change sand in pool filter


How to Change Sand in Pool Filter

If you own a swimming pool, you know that the pool filter is an essential component for keeping the water clean and clear. Over time, the sand in the filter can become dirty and clogged, reducing its effectiveness. When this happens, it’s time to change the sand in your pool filter. Here’s how to do it in four simple steps.

Step 1: Turn off the Pump and Drain the Filter

Before you can change the sand in your pool filter, you need to turn off the pump and drain the filter. This is important because the filter contains water and sand, and you don’t want to create a mess when you open it up. To turn off the pump, simply flip the switch on the electrical panel. Once the pump is off, locate the drain plug on the bottom of the filter and remove it. You may need a bucket or a hose to direct the water away from the filter and into a drain.

Step 2: Open the Filter and Remove the Old Sand

With the filter drained, it’s time to open it up and remove the old sand. You can do this by removing the filter head or the clamp that holds the top of the filter in place. Once you have access to the inside of the filter, use a plastic scoop or a shop vacuum to remove the old sand. Be sure to get all of the sand out, as any left behind can clog the filter.

Step 3: Clean the Filter and Check the Laterals

Once the old sand is removed, it’s time to clean the filter and check the laterals. The latter is a series of small plastic pipes that run down the center of the filter. These pipes can become clogged or broken over time, and it’s important to check them before adding new sand. To clean the filter, simply rinse it out with a garden hose. To check the laterals, inspect each one for cracks or damage.

Step 4: Add New Sand and Reassemble the Filter

With the filter cleaned and the laterals checked, it’s time to add new sand and reassemble the filter. The amount of sand you need will depend on the size of your filter, but you can usually find this information in the user manual or online. Once you have the right amount of sand, add it to the filter through the opening at the top. It’s a good idea to cover the opening with a plastic bag or duct tape to keep sand from falling into the laterals. Once the sand is in place, reassemble the filter and turn the pump back on.

Maintenance Tips for Your Pool Filter

If you want your pool filter to last longer and work more effectively, there are a few maintenance tips you can follow. Here are five tips to keep your pool filter in top shape:

1. Backwash the filter once a week to remove debris and keep it clean.

2. Check the pressure gauge on the filter regularly to make sure it’s within the recommended range.

3. Replace the sand in the filter every three to five years, depending on usage.

4. Use a skimmer net to remove leaves and debris from the pool before they clog the filter.

5. Install a pool cover to keep debris and dirt out of the pool when it’s not in use.

By following these maintenance tips and changing the sand in your pool filter when needed, you can enjoy a clean and clear pool all summer long.


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