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Hair filter - do you know everything about it?


Equipment Introduction Hair filter is used to filter sewage or circulating water with hair, fibrous objects and fine fabrics and other debris. It is also called a vertical straight-through decontamination device or a blue filter. It is commonly used in swimming pools as swimming pool circulating water filtration equipment.

Main Control Parameters The hair filter tank is made of carbon steel, stainless steel and U-PVC, etc., and the mesh basket is made of stainless steel. Technical performance requirements 1. An exhaust valve is set on the top cover of the hair filter, and an observation hole is set on the tank body. 2. The design pressure is not less than 1.5 times the working pressure, and the test pressure is not less than 1.5 times the design pressure.

3. The sum of the hole area is greater than 2.0 times of the cross-sectional area of ​​the connecting pipe, the hole diameter of the filter cartridge is 3-4mm, and the filter mesh is 10-15 mesh. 4. The structure of the hair filter is simple and reliable, flexible in loading and unloading, easy to disassemble and wash, and has good sealing performance. 5. The water inlet and outlet of the hair filter are of the same size.

Key points for hair filter product selection 1. It should be installed on the suction pipe of the circulating water pump, and must be installed strictly in accordance with the water flow direction of the hair filter, and the reverse installation is not allowed. 2. The hair filter must be installed on the foundation or the ground, and the pipeline must not be used to bear its weight. 3. After the installation is completed, the tightness and pressure test should be carried out together with the suction pipe.

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