Matters needing attention in the use of filter sand cylinder and water pump


The filter sand tank and the water pump are inseparable brothers in normal water treatment projects. They can be seen in many industries such as swimming pool engineering, circulating aquaculture engineering, flowing water aquaculture engineering, environmental protection water treatment, urban sewage treatment, drinking water treatment, etc. Pay attention to these small problems when configuring the sand filter tank and water pump: 1. Match the power of the sand filter tank and the water pump.

It should be noted that the flow parameters of the filter sand tank are actually of little reference value, because the actual filtration capacity of the filter sand tank is related to the flow rate of the water pump, the amount of sand loaded in the sand tank, and the thickness of the sand particles. And just during the working process of the sand filter cylinder, there is also a flow change from large to small. Therefore, strictly speaking, the sand filter cylinder does not have the parameter of flow rate.

The greater the flow rate of the water pump in front of it, the greater its water flow; the smaller its sand loading, the greater the water flow; the coarser the sand, the greater the water flow. Under the same water flow requirements, the configuration of the filter sand tank is the bigger the better, the finer the sand, the higher the precision. 2. The difference between the top-out sand filter cylinder and the side-out sand filter cylinder.

In fact, there is no difference in their internal structure. The functions are the same, the only difference is the location of the sand tank head. Because of the low installation space characteristics of some customers, only the side-out type sand filter tank is suitable, perhaps because the side-out type sand filter tank is more convenient for manual operation.

However, due to mold development and other reasons, the price of the ejector filter sand cylinder is relatively low. 3. The location of the water pump. In addition to self-priming pumps sold on the market.

General centrifugal water pumps have no suction lift in theory. When installing, the position of the water pump should be lower than the level of the treated water body. Fourth, the flatness of the ground between the equipment.

After the sand tank is filled with sand, the overall weight is very large, and at this time, the ground where the sand tank is placed must be kept at a certain level. Because the base of the filter sand tank is designed on a very flat ground, if the ground between the equipment is uneven after installation, it will cause the base of the filter sand tank to deform. 5. Antifreeze in winter.

When the filter sand tank is not in use in winter, all the water in it should be drained through the lower drain valve. In order to prevent the water from freezing and expanding in the cylinder body and bursting the cylinder body of the sand cylinder. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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