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The amount of sand in the sand filter cylinder and related issues


The amount of sand in the filter sand tank and related questions. Users often ask how much sand to load. Almost all users have struggled with the sand filling problem of the filter sand cylinder. Such as choosing a suitable number of sand, how much to install, and so on.

If you understand the structure and working principle of the filter sand tank, then this problem will be much simpler. The sand filter tank is just a "container" for filtering. What kind of filter material to fill and how much to fill are determined according to the actual situation. For example, in some aquaculture projects, it is necessary to quickly remove suspended solids in the water. At this time, if the filter sand tank used is large enough, you can consider using No. 3-4 quartz sand.

If it is drinking water treatment, which has higher requirements on the quality of the effluent, you can choose a drinking water tank with No. 5 or smaller No. 5 quartz sand. As for the filter sand of the swimming pool, according to the quartz sand filter material, the maximum particle size should not exceed 1.0-1.2mm, and the minimum particle size should not be less than 0.4mm. Regarding the question of how much to install, the general answer is to install it in the filter sand tank two-thirds of the volume. But this is obviously not the standard answer.

As long as there is a temporary storage space for the filtered dirt, it is not necessary to leave a third of the space, so there is no absolute standard for this. It is completely determined according to the actual situation. Similar is the issue of the time interval for backwashing.

In fact, there is no fixed standard for this. Purely based on personal experience. The specific period of backwashing is related to the amount of dirt, the size of the flow, and the thickness of the sand layer.

When an appropriate backwash cycle can be set as a standard, the filter sand tank can be backwashed at this time interval in the future. Some users asked, will the sand not be washed away by water? In fact, if the sand keeps being washed away, can this sand filter tank still filter? The products we make are all carefully designed for the actual needs of the market. There can be no problem of large amounts of sand being washed out.

Inside the sand filter tank, there is something called a water distributor. Its function is to prevent sand from entering the water outlet. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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