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filter backwash


Backwashing filter is to use water or air-water to send into the filter from the opposite direction of the filtered water, so that the filter material layer is loosened, so as to remove the dirt intercepted on the surface of the filter material layer, so as to restore the filtration of the filter. Performance, ensure filtration effect, circulating water volume and reduce energy consumption of circulating water pump. Practice has proved that when the diameter of the filter is less than 1600mm, the application effect of backwashing with water is better, which is in line with the current economic situation. Air washing first and then water washing can not only wash away oil and fat, the effect is better, but also can reduce the amount of washing water.

Large-scale comprehensive swimming pools, with a large number of swimmers and a large change in swimming load, the pool water is polluted quickly. If the filter diameter is greater than 2000mm, it is recommended to use air-water combined backwashing to ensure quartz sand filtration. The backwash effect of the device. Rinsing the filter with pool water can not only achieve the purpose of decontaminating the filter, but also increase the amount of supplementary water in the swimming pool, which is conducive to diluting the salt in the pool water and preventing the aging of the pool water, so it is recommended. When urban drinking water is used as the flushing water source, it is not possible to flush directly with the urban drinking water pressure, but it should be installed to prevent the pressure change of the urban drinking water, especially when the pressure is negative, so that the dirt in the pressure filter does not flow back into the water pipe. A device that pollutes the quality of drinking water in cities.

There are already some swimming pools in China that use gravity filters. There are many types of them, and the product specifications are not uniform. At present, there is no mature data such as flushing intensity and flushing duration. Therefore, the regulations are determined according to the equipment manufacturer's information. ①The intensity and time of backwashing of filters with different filter materials; ②How to select the value of surface flushing (using a fixed or rotary water jet system to flush the surface of the filter material) is explained in the notes. The data in this table is the data when the water temperature is 20°C, so the upper limit should be taken into consideration when the water temperature is higher than 20°C when designing and selecting, and the specific data should be explored in practice.

The water source quality of backwash water for the filter is regulated. 1. Use urban drinking water as the backwash water source. The flushing effect is good and the water volume is small, but it must not be directly connected to prevent backflow from polluting the water source. 2. When using pool water as the backwash water source, because of the high water temperature, a large amount of water is required to achieve a better flushing effect, and a certain amount of energy is consumed due to the warm water pool. But for swimming pools, the amount of water replenishment is large, which is conducive to improving the water quality of the swimming pool.

Specific requirements are put forward for the air source quality, air volume and air pressure when air washing is used, in order to ensure the water quality of the pool water and the backwash water volume. The pressure filter is generally located below the ground. If the backwash drain pipe is directly connected to the outdoor sewage pipe or rainwater pipe, once the outdoor drain pipe is blocked, the upstream sewage or rainwater will flow back into the pressure filter, which will seriously affect the water quality of the pool. Pollution, in order to prevent this phenomenon from happening, regulations have set restrictions on this. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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