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Water dispenser ultraviolet sterilizer disinfection treatment and cleaning method


At present, due to neglect of the daily disinfection work of drinking fountains, the water flowing out of drinking fountains in many public places may have been "secondary pollution". Therefore, the general household water dispenser should be disinfected once every 3-6 months, while the frequency of use of water dispensers in public places is high, and the disinfection cycle should be shorter. In addition, if you do not use water dispensers that are disinfected by ultraviolet sterilizers for a long time, Even if it is replaced with new water, the water quality will be polluted that day, and the number of microorganisms will increase dramatically.

1. The importance of disinfection treatment and cleaning of drinking fountains with ultraviolet sterilizers. If the drinking fountains are not cleaned for more than 3 months or do not use ultraviolet sterilizers for disinfection at ordinary times, a large number of bacteria and harmful substances produced will cause digestion, nerves, and urinary tract infections after entering the human body. And hematopoietic system lesions! Water dispenser is an indispensable small electrical appliance in daily life, but according to a survey, many common gastrointestinal diseases such as diarrhea and vomiting are caused by not cleaning the water dispenser for a long time. The so-called disease comes from the mouth, and the disinfection and cleaning of the water dispenser cannot be ignored! When the water dispenser pours water, it will bring in a lot of air bubbles, and these air bubbles will carry some bacteria into the bottled water. On the other hand, if the interior of the water dispenser is used for a long time without cleaning, dirt will be deposited in the water storage tank, water channel, and water outlet, and a large number of bacteria will also breed.

Therefore, regular disinfection of water dispensers is absolutely indispensable. 2. Causes of pollution caused by drinking fountains Pollution caused by drinking fountains is caused by the working principle of drinking fountains. The drinking fountains use the principle of air pressure to work. Substances with chemical components such as pipes, and the air quality is getting worse and worse, the pH coefficient of the air is increasing, and the oxidation and corrosion of the pipes are serious, resulting in the erosion of rubber and plastic pipes, resulting in white flakes, secondary Contaminate bottled water. Pollution caused by drinking fountains is caused by changing water in drinking fountains. liter, there must be a corresponding liter of air entrained dust, Escherichia coli, staphylococcus, mold and other bacteria will also adhere to the inside of the water dispenser, do not use ultraviolet sterilizers and other disinfection during use, after that the bacteria will It keeps multiplying in the water dispenser, and it is light yellow and sticky.

Over time, it can reach the level of endangering human health. Pollution caused by the water dispenser is caused by the structure of the water dispenser. The water in the bottled water flows into two water tanks through the hose of the water dispenser. One is a hot water tank and the other is a cold water tank. In addition to dividing the hot and cold water In addition, it also plays the role of precipitating impurities in the water. The problem lies in the three parts of the water machine base and the cold and hot water tank. After drinking the bottled water, people usually just replace it with a bucket of water, but ignore that during the water change process, there will always be nearly 1000 ml of water in the tank of the water dispenser. The longer the time, the more staggering the number of bacterial reproductions entrained in the air.

Water dispensers that are out of service for a period of time or under high temperature and high humidity conditions will cause greater secondary pollution. It is easy to accumulate water inside some water dispensers. Such a dark and humid environment is very suitable for the growth of microorganisms. If you do not use ultraviolet sterilizers and other disinfection and sterilization treatments, "mold is suitable for growth at 25 to 32 degrees Celsius, and other microorganisms are suitable for reproduction at 35 to 37 degrees Celsius, which is just in line with the indoor temperature.

Pure water flowing through the water inlet with these molds and germs will also be polluted. Bacteria multiply continuously, causing more than 50 kinds of diseases such as digestion and urinary system. Water dispenser pollution is caused by the heating of the water dispenser. Because of the mineral components in the bottled water (especially mineral water), after a long period of heating, it is easy to produce scale, which is attached to the water storage bucket or the hot tank for a long time. Accumulation will form layers of yellow substances, secondary pollution of bottled water.

Pollution caused by drinking fountains Another non-negligible pollution source caused by the storage and transportation of bottled water comes from the neck of the bottled water. Bottled water is clean water that has undergone strict disinfection and sterilization. Bacteria will come into contact with them later, (especially the bottled water that has been installed on the water dispenser for a long time after opening) (generally, it is most suitable to drink a bucket of water for about a week), and the bacteria will multiply inside the water dispenser, causing secondary damage to the bottled water. pollute. Because the barrel neck part is the place that is in closest contact with the "smart seat" of the water dispenser. Some manufacturers do not strictly sterilize the bottle neck, the sealing performance is not enough, and even use inferior bottle caps. When workers lift the bottle neck during transportation, the bottle cap will come off, causing secondary pollution to drinking water.

3. The method of disinfection treatment and cleaning of water dispenser ultraviolet sterilizer. Continuously flush the inner wall of the water dispenser pipeline and ensure the intensity of flushing to thoroughly clean scale, impurities, etc.; the optional ultraviolet sterilizer and other sterilization systems for water dispensers adopt international advanced technology, and Fanta water dispenser cleaning and disinfection machines do not need to add Any disinfectant can be disinfected by strong ozone and ultraviolet sterilizer, which completely solves the unhealthy factors such as incomplete cleaning of the water dispenser with traditional methods and residues. It can quickly kill bacteria and baths in the water dispenser, and the equipment can be automatically controlled. Cleaning and disinfection time, simple operation. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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