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Don't let your water circulation system become a decoration


Don't let your water circulation system become a decoration According to years of experience, there are many cities where citizens complain about poor water quality in swimming pools every summer. Complaints to the operator do not change the water frequently, the water quality is turbid and the swimming pool clarifier is not used, the water circulation system has become a decoration, etc. The water quality of the swimming pool is poor. In fact, the public is most concerned about the clarity of the water.

Because it is impossible for them to test with a professional water quality detector, they mainly rely on vision and smell to judge the quality of the water. If the water looks cloudy or discolored, they will assume it is of poor quality and make a complaint. Here we focus on the clarification of swimming pools.

The water circulation system is mentioned in the title. Yes, the main function of the water circulation system is to carry out water circulation and filtration, to filter the water clean, so that the water will be clear. However, only using the circulation system can only filter 50% of the impurities in the water. Then how can the feeling of water filtration be thorough.

Then add the swimming pool clarifier. It is a liquid super-concentrated swimming pool clarifier, also called cationic flocculant. Dilute the clarifier before pouring it into the pool water along the edge of the pool while turning on the pool circulation system.

The clarifying agent is easily combined with the negatively charged suspended particles in the water of swimming pools, hot springs and various sauna spas, and then the suspended particles are filtered out through the traditional swimming pool circulation filtration system, making the water clear and blue. The swimming pool clarifier is used in combination with the water circulation filter system, which can remove up to 99% of impurities. After the cycle is turned on for 6 hours, the pool water will become clear and transparent, clear and blue, and there is no need to absorb dirt.

Therefore, please don’t continue to use your swimming pool water circulation system as a decoration. Turn it on, and your water quality will rise to more than one level. Not only will you no longer be complained, but you will also be praised and welcome more swimmers to swim, promoting Operation of swimming pools. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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