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does magic eraser work in pool filter


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Does Magic Eraser Work in Pool Filter?

Swimming pools are an excellent way to relax and cool off during the scorching hot summer days. However, keeping a swimming pool clean and hygienic is not something that can be taken lightly. There are various methods of keeping pool water clean including daily skimming, scrubbing the walls, and changing the pool water frequently. Another method that pool owners use is filtering the water through a pool filter. One question that many pool owners ask is whether Magic Eraser can be used in pool filters. In this article, we will discuss this topic in greater detail.

Understanding Pool Filters

Before we delve into whether Magic Eraser can be used in pool filters, it is essential to understand the pool filters themselves. Pool filters are used to remove debris, dirt, and other contaminants from swimming pool water. There are three primary types of pool filter systems: sand, cartridge, and diatomaceous earth (DE) filters.

All pool filters work differently but essentially serve the same purpose. The water in the pool is passed through the filter system, and the filter captures any debris, dirt, and other contaminants. After some time, this filter gets clogged and needs cleaning. The nature of the system will depend on the type of filter that the pool owner is using.

What is Magic Eraser?

Now that we have understood what pool filters are and their primary functions, let's take a closer look at Magic Eraser. A Magic Eraser is a type of cleaning sponge that has been around since 2003. It is made of melamine foam, which is a flexible but dense material similar to that used in regular sponges.

The Magic Eraser has become very popular due to its cleaning abilities. Once a Magic Eraser is dampened, it can be used to clean different surfaces, including walls, floors, and even kitchen appliances. The magic eraser works by creating a chemical reaction with the dirt or stain on the surface, effectively lifting it. The surface is then wiped clean, leaving it with a spotless and polished finish.

Can Magic Eraser Be Used in Pool Filters?

Now that we understand what Magic Eraser is, let's address the question of whether Magic Eraser can be used on pool filters.

1. Magic Eraser Cannot Be Used on Sand Filters

Sand filters are the most commonly used pool filters. They work by pumping the water through a bed of sand, which captures any dirt or debris while allowing the filtered water to pass through. However, using Magic Eraser to clean sand filters is not recommended. Magic Eraser is an abrasive product, and if it is used on a sand filter, it can damage and scratch the sand. In turn, damaging the filter and causing leaks.

2. Magic Eraser Can Be Used on Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters work by trapping dirt and debris in the folds of a cartridge. The dirt buildup in the cartridge makes it necessary to clean the filter regularly. Magic Eraser can be notably more useful for cleaning the cartridge as it gets rid of the dirt buildup with little effort. The Magic Eraser doesn't scratch the filter, so it can be used without worries.

3. Magic Eraser Should Not be Used on DE Filters

Diatomaceous Earth filters are granulated powder-like material that is coated on a grid-like structure to filter out contaminants. DE filters need regular cleaning, and using Magic Eraser on the filter is not recommended. The abrasive nature of Magic Eraser can damage the grid's structure, and cause leaks within the filter.

4. Follow the Manufacturer's Instructions

When cleaning pool filters, whether with a Magic Eraser, a hose or any other cleaning tool, always follow the manufacturer's instructions. Different filter models would require specific cleaning, and failure to do so can lead to irreparable damages.

5. Cleaning Other Parts of Pool with a Magic Eraser

While we rarely recommend using Magic Eraser in your pool filters, it doesn't mean they are will not be useful for other parts of your pool. The Magic Eraser sponge is excellent for scrubbing the pool tile grout, swimmer scuff marks, and grime that can accumulate on pool waterline tiles.


In conclusion, it must be noted that while Magic Eraser can be used to clean pool filters, it can only be used with cartridge filters. Sand filters and DE filters are better cleaned using other pool filter cleaning agents or a hose. As always, read the manufacturer's instructions before using any cleaning tool on your pool filters. Magic Eraser is a great cleaning tool for the pool tile, grout, scuff marks, and waterline tiles grime. Owning a swimming pool comes with a task of keeping it meticulously clean and hygienic. A clean pool filter will ensure that your pool's circulatory system is functioning optimally, and the water is free of debris and germs.


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