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does dog hair ruin pool filter


Does Dog Hair Ruin Pool Filters?

Having a pool is the ultimate luxury, and it’s no secret that they require some maintenance, such as regular cleaning and upkeep to keep them functioning efficiently. One of the primary components of a pool that require maintenance is the filter, which removes debris and leaves the pool clean for swimming.

Dog owners who have a pool might worry about whether their furry friends' hair will clog up the filter and affect its performance. This article will discuss whether dog hair ruins pool filters and ways to prevent it.

What is a pool filter?

Before we explore how dog hair affects pool filters, let's understand what a pool filter is. A pool filter is a mechanical device that removes contaminants from the water in the pool. The filter works by trapping particles such as dirt, debris, and hair passing through the water as it flows through the filter.

Does dog hair clog pool filters?

A common misconception is that dog hair causes pool filters to clog quickly. However, it is not the dog hair specifically that causes the clogging but rather the combination of the hair, other pool chemicals, and debris.

Hair is biodegradable and will ultimately break down in the pool, but the greater problem is when the hair mixes with other debris such as leaves and dirt. Together, this debris collection can cause the filter to clog, slowing down the water flow through the filter.

How to prevent dog hair from ruining pool filters?

1. Regular grooming - Consistent grooming is the easiest way to prevent dog hair from floating in the pool. By regularly brushing a dog's coat, the likelihood of the dog shedding excessively in the pool will decrease, significantly reducing the amount of hair in the water.

2. Skimming - Skimming the pool regularly is another method of preventing dog hair from clogging up the filter. Skimming the pool regularly, especially in between grooming sessions, can remove hair, leaves, debris or any contaminants from the pool.

3. Use a pool cover - A pool cover is the most efficient way of preventing contaminants, including dog hair, from entering a pool. Covering a pool when not in use is an excellent way of minimizing any external influence on the water. Removing the cover before use is the best way to avoid any accumulation of debris on the surface.

4. Professional cleaning - Regular professional cleaning of a pool filter can remove accumulated debris, thus reducing the likelihood of clogging. Employing professional pool cleaning services can help dog owners avoid the stress and hassle of an inefficient filter.

5. Invest in a larger pool filter - If you have pets or if debris is a recurring issue in your pool, investing in a larger pool filter may be the solution. A larger filter can handle more particulates, thus increasing efficiency and reducing the chances of clogging.

In conclusion, dog hair does not ruin a pool filter by itself, but the combination of dog hair, other contaminants, and debris can clog the filter, making it inefficient. Regular maintenance that includes regular grooming, skimming the pool as well as using a pool cover, and employing professional cleaning services can prevent clogging and ensure the filter operates efficiently. Understanding the impact of dog hair on pool filters is crucial for any dog owner. With proper maintenance, dog owners can continue to enjoy their pool without worrying about debris accumulation.


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