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Correct selection of swimming pool disinfection products


There are three main methods for swimming pool disinfection: pure chemical agent method, ultraviolet method, ozone disinfection method, and metal ion method 1. Pure chemical agent method for swimming pool disinfection. Chlorine b, calcium hypochlorite (bleaching powder) c, sodium hypochlorite (high-efficiency bleaching powder, bleaching water) d. Sodium dichloroisocyanurate (excellent chlorine) e. Trichloroisocyanuric acid (strong chlorine) f. Bromochlorohydantoin (bromine) g. Chlorine dioxide 2. Ultraviolet method Ultraviolet light is a low-energy The electromagnetic radiation, whose energy is only 5eV, has poor penetrating power. The energy of ultraviolet irradiation is low, not enough to cause ionization of atoms, but only excitation, so that electrons are in a high-energy state without detachment. Ultraviolet radiation penetrates into the water body to act on the nucleic acid and protoplasmic protease, causing chemical changes to cause the death of microorganisms.

Generally, 253.7nm is used as the representative of germicidal ultraviolet wavelength. Since ultraviolet lamps are more convenient to use and have a certain bactericidal effect, they are widely used in sanitation and epidemic prevention, medical treatment and industrial disinfection. Advantages: The advantages of ultraviolet disinfection are that the required contact time is short, the sterilization efficiency is high, and the physical and chemical properties of water are not changed at the same time, and no odor and other harmful by-products such as halogenated methane are produced. However, ultraviolet disinfection has high requirements on the turbidity of raw water before disinfection, and a certain water flow thickness must be guaranteed. 3. Ozone disinfection method Ozone is an unstable light blue gas at normal temperature and pressure, which is harmless to various viruses and bacteria. It has the ability to kill, and has excellent effects on degrading various organic poisons, removing color, odor, and taste, and improving water quality.

Its mechanism of action is to interfere with its respiratory function by destroying bacterial dehydrogenase, oxidizing various enzymes and proteins, and destroying the cell membrane structure to achieve the effect of disinfection. Advantages: Strong oxidation ability, can remove or reduce peculiar smell, odor, color and metal ion problems in water, and also help coagulation to reduce turbidity. The bactericidal effect is remarkable, the effect is rapid, the disinfection effect is not affected by the water quality, the broad spectrum is efficient, and the side effects are small.

A. Fast response and low dosage. Ozone can quickly kill bacteria, spores, and viruses diffused in water, and has both sterilization and inactivation effects at very low concentrations; B. Strong adaptability of ozone, at pH5.6-9.8 , within the range of water temperature 0-37 ℃, it has little effect on its disinfection performance; C. No persistent residue in water; D. It can destroy organic matter in water, improve the physical properties and organ sense of water, and perform decolorization and deodorization The deodorization effect makes the water blue without changing the natural properties of the water. 4 Metal ion method The application of metal ion treatment method in the field of swimming pools is quite mature in Europe, America and Japan, and it is the leader of the new generation of swimming pool treatment technology. Since the metal ion treatment method adopts a purely physical method for disinfection, no harmful by-products will be produced after treatment. The water quality meets the EU standard, and it has been recognized and recommended by the European Environmental Protection Agency because no waste gas is generated during the whole process.

The International Space Station, the Olympic swimming pool, and the private swimming pool of high-end villas have been widely used. Advantages: ⑴Applicable to a wide range of PH and temperature, suitable for a wide range of water quality, and low operating costs; ⑵Odorless, non-toxic, excessive dosing will not cause harm (it is an essential trace element for the human body, and the human body will automatically excrete it if it absorbs too much). It will not irritate the eyes and skin, and the water body is clear and odorless.

(3) It can inhibit the growth of some algae and fungi for a long time, without additional algaecide copper sulfate. ⑷It does not affect the PH value of the water quality, and there is no need to add a pH neutralizer. Because no chemical agents are added during the entire reaction process, no harmful by-products will be generated to cause secondary pollution. ⑸ When exposed to enough, very low concentration can kill most autotrophic bacteria, has a very long-lasting bactericidal ability, not affected by light and organic matter concentration; ⑹ bacterial microorganisms, turbidity, organic chroma and other colloidal suspended substances in water It will be adsorbed by copper and silver ions, and has the functions of sterilization and turbidity removal.

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