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Sand Cylinders vs. Diatomaceous Earth Filters


Installation of swimming pool filtration equipment: The main equipment of the filtration system is the filter sand tank and circulating water pump. According to the requirements of the specification, the number of configurations is more than 2 (including 2), including spare equipment, which ensures the safety of the entire system and the safety of the entire system in case of failure. , the system can operate normally. And the installation of the equipment is simple and convenient. The reversible diatomite filter system integrates the filter unit and the power unit, and there is no backup equipment. Although the whole system is simplified, it increases the complexity of assembly and the safety factor of the whole system. Once a failure occurs, the whole system must stop running.

Pressure of swimming pool filter equipment: The pressure of the swimming pool sand tank system can reach 1MPa, while the pressure of the main filter unit in the diatomite filter unit should not exceed 0.3MPa. When the pressure is greater than this pressure, the power unit will automatically stop running, and manual feedback is required flushing operation. If it is often in this working state, not only the system cannot work normally, but also the filter membrane is easily damaged. Once the filter membrane is damaged, the entire system must be shut down, and the whole machine must be disassembled for replacement and maintenance.

Backwashing: Mature filter sand tanks are backwashed every 5 days on average under normal operating conditions, with a backwashing water volume of nearly 6.75 tons; while the backwashing cycle of diatomite filter systems under normal operating conditions is 0.5 days. When backwashing, the filter system can achieve the normal operation of circulating water treatment due to the use of multiple sets and standby configurations; but the diatomite filter system configured with a single set of equipment cannot simultaneously perform normal circulating water treatment at the same time Run, only continue after backwash is complete. Water quality control: The sand tank filtration system adopts a dosing disinfection system to ensure the residual chlorine content in the water, and a pH regulator is added to ensure that the pH is within the range of 7.2-7.6, thereby ensuring the effective effect of residual chlorine in the water. Automatic water quality monitor online control.

However, the diatomite filtration system only includes a dosing disinfection system, without pH mediators and water quality monitoring devices to ensure the former's effective effect. Management operation: The management and operation of the sand tank filter system does not need to assign special management personnel, and the swimming pool lifeguards can also take the role, and regularly visit the equipment room, and the operation is simple and convenient. The diatomite filtration system needs to assign special operation and management personnel. Due to the short backwash cycle (twice a day), the operation is complicated and the labor intensity of the operators is relatively high.

Drainage control: In the swimming pool equipment filtration system, no matter the swimming pool drainage or the backwash drainage of the filter, since both have been mediated by the disinfection system, they can be directly discharged into rainwater drainage or sewage drainage (when there is no special drainage pipe) There is no need for additional treatment, and there are discharge regulations to follow; as a fossil, diatomite, the filter aid in the diatomite filtration system, is denser than water. If it enters the drainage system directly, it will easily form sediment in the pipeline, so it must not be used directly. If it is discharged into the drainage system, another sedimentation treatment process must be set up before it can be discharged, and there is no relevant discharge standard to follow. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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