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Common problems and treatment methods of swimming pool filter sand tank


Common problems and treatment methods for swimming pool filter sand tanks Frequently asked questions: ●How to do the daily maintenance of the water pump? When cleaning, do not knock on the dirt basket. If the dirt basket is damaged, it should be replaced in time.

b. Regularly check the sealing ring of the pump head cover. If it is damaged, please replace it in time. c. Keep the motor clean and keep the air outlet of the motor unobstructed.

d. Occasionally, the shaft sealing ring of the motor will be worn and should be replaced in time. e. In winter, the accumulated water in the pump head should be removed, the inside and outside of the pump should be cleaned, and the pump should be stored in a dry and well-ventilated room. ●What should I do if the water pump cannot pump water normally? 1. Check whether the water pump head is filled with water, whether the O-ring of the pump head cover is clean, whether the installation position is correct, and whether the pump head cover is installed and locked.

2. Check whether all suction and outlet valves are open and not blocked, and the water level is higher than all suction ports. 3. Block the suction port closest to the water pump and check whether the water pump produces suction. If the pump does not generate suction and the pump head is filled with enough water: a. Tighten all connections.

b. Check the voltage to ensure the speed of the pump. c. Turn on the water pump to check whether the motor shaft or water wheel is blocked or stuck. If the water pump produces suction, check whether the water suction pipe and the dirt basket are blocked, and whether there is any air leakage in the water suction pipe.

●What should I do if the water pump makes abnormal noise during operation? 1. Check whether there is any air leakage in the suction pipe that causes the water pump to make noise. 2. Check whether there is cavitation caused by the blocked water suction pipe or the water suction pipe is too small and the water outlet pipe is too large. If necessary, increase the suction pipe or use a valve to control the water output of the outlet pipe.

3. Check whether the vibration is caused by improper installation of the water pump. 4. There are foreign objects in the pump head. 5. Motor bearings are damaged due to wear, corrosion or long-term overheating.

●What should I do if the motor cannot start normally? 1. Check whether the wiring of the power line is correct or loose, whether the switch and relay are open, whether the leakage protection switch and the fuse are blown. 2. Check whether the rotation of the motor shaft is smooth. 3. Check whether the centrifugal switch is stuck in the "on" position.

●What should I do if the motor suddenly stops running? 1. Check the circuit and wire interface. 2. Check whether the voltage delivered to the motor is too low (usually due to insufficient current caused by the power line being too small). 3. Check whether there is an overload that causes excessive current.

Note: The single-phase motor of the water pump has an automatic overheating protection device. If the device works normally, the motor will automatically shut down before the motor may be damaged due to overheating caused by unsuitable working conditions. When the heat of the motor returns to normal levels, the motor will automatically restart.

Routine maintenance of the filter When the paper core needs to be cleaned, cut off the power supply of the water pump, close the valves of the main suction pipe and outlet pipe, pull up the safety plug on the filter cover, unscrew the top cover counterclockwise, take out the filter element, and use a belt Rinse the inside and outside of the paper core with tap water with a horticultural pressurized nozzle. ●What should I do if the water output of the equipment is insufficient? 1. Check whether the dirt separation basket of the water pump and the pool surface skimmer and the main drain are blocked by debris. 2. Check whether the suction pipe is blocked and whether the size of the suction pipe is too small.

3. Check whether the valves on the suction pipe and outlet pipe are fully open. 4. Check whether the filter and outlet pipe are blocked (the reading of the filter pressure gauge rises). 5. Check whether there is air leakage in the suction pipe (there are air bubbles coming out of the water injector).

6. The water pump runs at low speed (the voltage is too low). 7. The water wheel is stuck. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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