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Common swimming pool water quality phenomena and solutions


There are more and more swimmers in the swimming pool in summer, and the increase in the number will undoubtedly pollute the water quality of the swimming pool. When the pollutants exceed the filtration range of the filter, other methods are needed to save the pool water. The traditional method is to add some medicaments for water purification to the water. Although these medicaments can also reduce pollution and make the water clear effect, but at the same time it will affect the pool water itself, such as aluminum sulfate as a flocculant. When it is added, the water will become more turbid and turn into the color of light milk. After it has completely settled, it is necessary to clean up the water at the bottom of the pool. For sediment, the most important thing is that after adding aluminum sulfate, the pH value of the pool water will drop rapidly. If it is not found in time, it will directly cause swimmers to complain of itchy skin and physical discomfort; related water treatment agents mainly include enzyme clarifiers, There are nearly 30 kinds of pool wall cleaners and superchlorine agents. According to whether all open pools are chlorinated or not, they can be divided into hot springs and medicated baths without chlorination; indoor swimming pools, outdoor swimming pools, and massage pools with chlorination; because of the water temperature and disinfection methods of these pools, etc. The water quality problems appearing in different pools are also different, and the main manifestations are as follows: In hot springs and medicine baths, swimmers will itch, the smell of medicine will be irritating, and grease foam will accumulate. Indoor swimming pools will have cloudy water, black algae, and chlorine odor Discoloration of water, evaporation of chlorine, and growth of green algae will occur in outdoor swimming pools. Water in spa massage pools will appear cloudy, oily foam accumulation, peculiar smell of pool water, and itching of swimmers. There are mainly the following types: Hot springs and medicinal baths: add fresh chlorine and ozone stabilizers for itching swimmers; add ozone powder and superchlorine agents to stimulate the smell of medicine; add flotation agents for grease and foam Indoor swimming pools: add cloudy water Add enzyme clarifying agent; black algae breeding, add algaecide; chlorine smell choking nose, add ozone powder and super chlorine agent; outdoor swimming pool: pool water discoloration, add enzyme clarifying agent; chlorine evaporation, add ultraviolet isolation agent; green algae breeding, add algae removal Agent spa massage pool: add enzyme clarifier to cloudy pool water; add floatation agent to grease foam accumulation; add ozone powder and superchlorine agent to pool water odor; add fresh chlorine and ozone stabilizer to swimmers itching Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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