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can you use all purpose sand in pool filter


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Can You Use All-Purpose Sand in Pool Filter?

Keeping your swimming pool crystal clear and hygienic is one of the most important aspects of pool maintenance. To achieve this, you need an efficient pool filter that can trap and remove dirt, debris, and other unwanted particles from the water. Pool filters come in different types, but one common element among them is the filter media. Filter media is the material that lines the inside of the filter tank and captures unwanted particles. While there are many options for filter media, sand remains a popular choice for pool owners due to its efficiency and affordability. But can you use all-purpose sand in a pool filter?

What is Sand Filter Media?

When we talk about sand as filter media for swimming pool filters, we are not referring to regular play sand. Rather, pool sand filter media is specifically made for use in pool filters. The sand used for pool filters is a coarse grade of sand that traps debris and particles between the sand particles as the pool water passes through the filter. The trapped particles are held in place until the sand filter is backwashed to remove the trapped debris.

Types of Sand for Pool Filters

Not all sands are created equal, and you should one specifically for pool filters. The most common types of sand for pool filters are:

1. Silica sand: This is the most popular sand type for pool filters. It is made from hard, weather-resistant rock that is crushed and screened to various sizes.

2. Zeolite sand: This is an eco-friendly option because it requires less water and electricity to run. Zeolite is a natural mineral that has a unique honeycomb structure that traps unwanted particles.

3. Filter glass: This is made from recycled glass and offers superior filtration performance as it has a larger surface area than sand. Another environmental benefit is that recycled glass does not add any contaminants to the pool.

Can You Use All-Purpose Sand in a Pool Filter?

All-purpose sand is a term given to any sand that can be used for general purposes, such as construction and maintenance. It is typically finer than pool filter sand, and its grain size varies widely. While all-purpose sand can be suitable for some applications, it is not suitable for use in pool filters. The reason is that the fine grains of all-purpose sand can slip through the filter's square footage and contaminate the pool water. All-purpose sand can also compact in the filter, reducing water flow and filter efficiency.

Why Use Pool Filter Sand?

1. Efficiency: Pool filter sand is specifically designed for trapping and holding small debris that can cloud pool water. It has a rougher texture, which makes it more effective at filtering out particles than finer sands.

2. Affordability: Compared to other filter media, pool filter sand is affordable and widely available.

3. Easy maintenance: Sand filters are easy to maintain and require less frequent backwashing than other filter types.

4. Durability: Sand media is durable and can last up to five years before needing to be replaced.

5. Availability: Pool filter sand is available at most home improvement stores and pool supply stores.

What Happens if You Use All-Purpose Sand in a Pool Filter?

Putting all-purpose sand in a pool filter can have several negative consequences. Firstly, the finer grains of all-purpose sand will slip through the filter and contaminate the pool water. This can cause cloudiness and add more particulates to the water. Secondly, all-purpose sand can settle in the filter, reducing water flow and filter efficiency. This can lead to a lot of maintenance issues and increased energy costs. Finally, all-purpose sand is likely to clog the filter, preventing it from functioning correctly.

How to Choose the Right Sand for Your Pool Filter?

Choosing the right sand for your pool filter is vital to its performance and efficiency. The best type of sand for pool filters is coarse-grade silica sand. It has been specifically formulated to trap dirt, debris, and contaminants from pool water. Zeolite sand and filter glass are also effective filter media, but they come with a higher initial cost. When selecting sand for your pool filter, make sure you purchase the correct type.


Using all-purpose sand in your pool filter is not recommended because of its fine grain size and the risk of contaminating the pool water. It is essential to use sand that is specifically designed for pool filters, such as coarse-grade silica sand, zeolite, or recycled glass. These types of media are effective at trapping dirt, debris, and bacteria in pool water, creating a crystal-clear and hygienic swimming environment.


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