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Swimming pool lights are essential for outdoor spaces. They can light up your pool and make your backyard a perfect place to host outdoor parties. In this article, we will answer the question about whether you can install pool lights underwater. We'll also discuss some essential factors to consider before installing pool lights.

Understanding Pool Lights

Swimming pool lights are specialty lighting systems designed for use in and around swimming pools. They are single bulbs or clusters of bulbs that are usually recessed into the pool walls or floor. Pool lights are designed to be waterproof and shockproof to ensure the safety of swimmers.

Can You Install Pool Lights Underwater?

Yes, pool lights can be installed underwater. Submerged pool lights add an appealing and aesthetic look to your pool design, creating a calm ambiance for relaxing swim times, evening pool parties, or even an early morning swim. The type of pool lights that are designed to be installed underwater are typically the LED variety. LED lighting technology has made a significant impact on pool lighting. LED pool lights are specially designed to be submerged and produce clear, bright light underwater.

Important Factors to Consider Before Installing Pool Lights

Before installing pool lights, there are a few things you need to consider to ensure that the lighting system is correct, safe, and legal. Below are some of the vital factors to consider:

1. Swimming Pool Design

One of the significant factors that affect the installation of pool lights is the design of your swimming pool. Some pool designs may require specific lighting placements to ensure maximum illumination. Ensure that you consider how the lights will look once you install them and whether they will enhance the swimming experience.

2. Pool Light Voltage

The voltage of the pool light you choose will influence the installation process. Furthermore, the voltage of the pool light will determine the power source required. A low-voltage pool light will require a transformer, while a high-voltage pool light will not. It is important to consult a professional electrician before selecting the type of pool light.

3. Electrical Safety

Whenever installing any electrical appliance, safety comes first. Pool lights are no different. They should be installed in accordance with local electrical codes and by a licensed and insured electrician. It is important to ensure the installation is up to code and every safety precaution is taken.

4. Pool Water Depth

The depth of your swimming pool is another factor that affects the installation of pool lights. Ensure that the light is installed in the right spot to avoid damage and to provide maximum illumination. Pool depth will determine the type of light you can use; for example, a deeper pool may require a more powerful light to produce enough brightness.

5. Pool Usage

Swimming pool lights will add elegance and safety to your pool environment. However, it's essential to consider how you use your pool before installing pool lights. If you use your pool less frequently, you might not require extensive lighting. On the other hand, if you swim at night, entertain guests, or host pool parties, you might require a more elaborate pool lighting system.


Swimming pool lights are essential in creating an ambiance in your backyard. They also provide safety during night swimming. Submerged pool lights are the best option for illuminating dark waters. When installing pool lights underwater, ensure that you consider the above-discussed factors to ensure safety, functionality, and durability. Finally, always seek professional guidance before installing pool lights underwater.


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