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Can quartz sand filter filter yellow muddy water


Now the water sources of domestic water or production water in many places are rivers, lakes or reservoir water. It’s okay if it doesn’t rain, the water quality can be used after simple treatment, but once it rains, the water source becomes very turbid, with a lot of yellow mud. So how should we filter the yellow muddy water and how to make the water clearer?

Can the quartz sand filter filter yellow muddy water? We can say for sure that the quartz sand filter can filter sediment, but the specific plan depends on the situation. Quartz sand filter is a pressure filter, using the refined quartz sand filter material filled in the filter, when the incoming water flows through the filter layer from top to bottom, the suspended solids and viscose particles in the water are removed, so that The turbidity of the water is reduced. It is mainly used for pretreatment of turbidity removal, water softening, electrodialysis, and reverse osmosis in water treatment, and it can also be used in surface water, ground water, etc.

It can effectively remove suspended solids, organic matter, colloid, sediment, etc. in water. It can be widely used in electronic power, petrochemical industry, metallurgical electroplating, papermaking and textile, pharmaceutical dialysis, food and beverage, drinking water, factory water, swimming pool, etc. It can meet the needs of liquid filtration in various industries.

Working principle of quartz sand filter Quartz sand filter uses one or several filter media, operates at room temperature, is resistant to acid, alkali, and oxidation, and has a pH range of 2-13. The system is equipped with complete protection devices and monitoring instruments, and has backwashing function. Pollutants such as dirt and dirt are quickly washed away, and the water consumption is small. Fully automatic functions can be set according to user requirements. Under a certain pressure, make the original liquid pass through the contact flocculation, adsorption and interception of the medium to remove impurities, so as to achieve the purpose of filtration.

The fillers contained in it are generally: quartz sand, anthracite, granular porous ceramics, manganese sand, etc. Users can choose to use according to the actual situation. Its filtration accuracy is between 0.005-0.01m, which can effectively remove colloidal particles and high-molecular organic matter. The main features of the quartz sand filter The quartz sand filter has the characteristics of simple structure, automatic operation control, large processing flow, less recoil times, high filtration efficiency, small resistance, and convenient operation and maintenance.

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