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can i use play sand for pool filter


Can I Use Play Sand for Pool Filter?

If you are looking for sand to use in your pool filter, you may be wondering if play sand can be a suitable option. The truth is, while play sand may be inexpensive and easy to find, it is not recommended to use in a pool filter. In this article, we will explore why play sand is not a good choice, and what type of sand you should use in your pool filter.

Why Play Sand is Not Recommended for Pool Filters

1. Composition

Play sand and pool filter sand are not made of the same materials. Play sand is usually made of crushed quartz or silica, while pool filter sand is made of much finer particles of silica. The finer particles in pool filter sand allow for better filtration and prevent clogging.

2. Grain Size

Play sand has a larger grain size compared to pool filter sand. This means that particles in the water will be able to easily navigate through the larger gaps in the sand, leading to poor filtration. Pool filter sand is specifically designed to have a uniform grain size that allows for effective filtration of particles and debris.

3. Contamination

Play sand is not typically washed or treated to remove impurities or contaminants like pool filter sand is. This means that it may contain dirt, debris, and other materials that could harm your pool’s filtration system. Using play sand can also lead to clogs and damage to your pool’s pump and filter system.

4. Cost

While play sand may seem like a cheaper alternative to pool filter sand, it may end up costing you more in the long run. Using play sand can lead to clogs and other damage to your pool equipment that may require costly repairs or replacements.

What Type of Sand Should You Use in Your Pool Filter?

1. Pool Filter Sand

The type of sand that is specifically designed for pool filters is called pool filter sand. This sand is made of very fine particles of silica, and is washed and treated to remove any impurities or contaminants. Pool filter sand is also designed to prevent clogging and ensure effective filtration.

2. Zeolite Sand

Zeolite sand is an alternative to pool filter sand that is becoming increasingly popular. This sand is made of natural volcanic minerals and has a unique structure that allows for superior filtration. Zeolite sand is also lighter than pool filter sand, which means that less of it is needed to achieve the same level of filtration.

3. Glass Sand

Finally, glass sand is another alternative to pool filter sand that is gaining popularity. This sand is made of recycled glass, which means that it is environmentally friendly. Glass sand is also designed to provide superior filtration and prevent clogging.


While play sand may seem like a tempting option for your pool filter, it is important to avoid using it. Play sand is not designed for pool filtration, and can lead to damage to your pool equipment and poor filtration. Instead, opt for pool filter sand, zeolite sand, or glass sand to ensure effective filtration and longevity of your pool’s filtration system.


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