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Brief introduction and main features of swimming pool equipment sand tank


The use of swimming pool filter equipment is the most important link in the circulation system. When it comes to swimming pool filter equipment, we have to talk about the sand tank. Let me introduce the sand tank for you. Swimming pool filter equipment is mainly divided into: sand tank filter, wall-mounted circulating filter, and buried swimming pool all-in-one machine. The working principle of the sand tank: the filter uses special filter sand to eliminate the tiny dirt in the pool.

Filter sand as the key to remove dirt. Pool water containing suspended dirt particles is pumped into the filter line. Microscopic dirt is captured and filtered out by the sand bed.

The filtered clean water passes through the control switch at the bottom of the filter and returns to the swimming pool through the pipeline. This set of programs is continuous and automatic and provides a complete cycle for the pool filtration and plumbing system. Make the pool water get further evolution.

The filtration of the sand cylinder is through the process of membrane filtration, osmosis filtration and amount removal filtration. The scope of application is swimming pools, water parks, aquariums, agricultural irrigation, freshwater aquaculture, drinking water pretreatment, industrial water purification, and reclaimed water reuse. In swimming pool equipment, the sand tank has excellent wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and tough hardness.

It can increase the filtration capacity and filter out better quality water. The turbidity and pollution index of the filtered water will decrease due to the increase of the storage capacity of the filter. Every filtering device has its limitations, and only with a full understanding of it can it be used with ease.

[Basic standard of filter sand tank]: 2kg/bottle [Function]: Remove long-term accumulated grease (derived from human body), dirt (derived from human metabolites), floating rust and other impurities in the pipeline; assist in water purification. [Usage and dosage]: After seeing a lot of oil stains, impurities, and foam appearing at the backwater outlet, clean up the dirt that has been flushed into the pool and gradually add clean water until the water flushed out of the pipe becomes clean, then stop. Clean up the pool again and put new water in it. After putting in new water, add disinfectant for water quality treatment.

[Precautions for medicines]: 1. Keep out of reach of children, avoid contact with eyes and skin; 2. Do not overuse to avoid adverse consequences. 3. Store in a ventilated and cool place. Guangdong Boying Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of swimming pool filtration equipment. Wholesale and supply of filter sand tanks can be found in Guangdong Boying, your reliable partner.

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