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Features of automatic water softening device


1. High degree of automation The fully automatic water softening device can automatically complete the cycle process of softening and regeneration according to the preset program. It does not need any manual operation except adding regeneration salt manually during operation, which saves a lot of manpower and material resources. Automatic controller or computer automatic controller (optional) allows users to easily adjust the operation of the system according to changes in water quality. 2. The quality of the effluent water is stable, and the water softening device can accurately set the program according to the local water quality conditions, so that the quality of the effluent water can be guaranteed under any working conditions.

3. High efficiency, low energy consumption, and low operating costs. Due to the overall design of the water softener is reasonable, and strict automatic control is implemented, the exchange capacity of the resin is guaranteed to be fully exerted, and the indicators such as salt consumption and water consumption of the equipment are significantly lower than the general ones. Compared with the water softening device, the power consumption is significantly reduced. 4. Reliable operation and long service life The shell of the exchanger of the DM water softening device is made of high-strength special glass fiber reinforced plastic and composite materials, which are corrosion-resistant and anti-aging. The fully automatic control valve has a unique structural design, and the spool is the only moving part. These features make the control valve reliable in performance and long in service life.

5. Small footprint, advanced process design makes the structure of the water softener compact, the footprint is significantly reduced, and construction investment is saved. 6. Wide range of uses, fully automatic water softening device is suitable for electronic power industry, metallurgical industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, food and beverage industry, hotels, restaurants, heating stations, boiler rooms, office buildings, cold storage, shopping malls, air-conditioning water, and family life Water softening treatment of water, etc.; used for water softening treatment of various boilers such as heating, heating, and gas supply; used in domestic drinking and bathing water to reduce the hardness of raw water; used in various heat exchangers such as plate type and volumetric type Water softening treatment; chilled water treatment for air conditioners and refrigerators. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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