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Common Faults and Elimination of Automatic Water Softeners


Problem 1: The softened water device cannot be restored. Reason: ☆The power system is out of order, ☆The timer is faulty, ☆The power supply is interrupted. Adjust the current time Problem 2: Hard water (soft water does not meet the required indicators) Reasons: ☆Bypass valve is open, ☆There is no salt in the brine tank, ☆Inlet filter is blocked, ☆Insufficient water in the brine tank, ☆Water softener pipe Water leakage, ☆water separator pipe leakage, ☆internal valve leakage, ☆lift pipe and valve falling off, ☆resin poisoning or no resin solution: ※Close the bypass valve, ※Add salt to the brine tank, ※Clean the water inlet filter , ※Check the filling time of the brine tank, if the flow control valve of the brine tank is blocked, clean it, ※If necessary, flush the soft water tank again, ※Ensure that the water distributor tube is not broken, check the "O" ring and repair welding, ※Re-install Change the seal or reinstall, ※Replace or add resin Problem 3: The system uses too much salt Reason: ☆Incorrect salt filling, ☆There is too much water in the salt tank Solution: ※Check the amount of salt and the device, ※See this table Problem "Excessive water in the salt solution tank" Problem 4: The reason for the drop in water pressure: ☆There is scale in the pipe leading to the water separator, ☆The water separator is rusty Solution: ※Clean this section of pipe, ※Clean the control valve, add resin Layer, increase the reduction frequency Problem 5: Resin flows out of the overflow pipe Reason: ☆There is foreign matter in the control valve pipe, ☆There is air in the system Solution: ※Remove the piston and clean the control valve; ※The system should have an air removal device, check the operating conditions Six: Rust in the water storage space Reasons: ☆Incorrect installation of the overflow pipe control valve, ☆There are foreign objects in the resin layer and produce peculiar smell Solution: ※Check and adjust the appropriate overflow speed, ※Check the process of backwashing, regeneration and brine inflow, add Large reduction frequency, increased backwash time, and reduced corrosion Problem Seven: Excessive water in the brine tank Reasons: ☆ overflow valve blocked; ☆ water inlet system blocked; ☆ timer does not cycle; ☆ foreign matter in the brine valve; There is foreign matter in the liquid flow control valve Solution: ※Clean the salt injection control valve; ※Clean the water inlet system and pipeline; ※Reset the timer; ※Change the position of the salt liquid control valve and clean the valve; : The soft water device cannot absorb salt Reason: ☆The overflow flow control valve is blocked, ☆The inlet is blocked, ☆The filter of the inlet is blocked, ☆The pressure in the pipe is too low, ☆The internal control valve leaks, ☆The cycle selector cannot be circulated Solve:※ Remove the blockage;※Clear the blockage;※Readjust the filter to increase the pressure in the network cable to 0.2MP;※Increase the pressure in the network cable to 0.2MP;※Replace the gasket, ring and piston;※Check the motor and switch problems Nine: The control valve keeps circulating Reason: ☆Adjustment error, switch open circuit or short circuit Solution: ※If it is caused by the switch or timer, it needs to be replaced in time, or restart once. Operation; ☆ There is foreign matter in the control valve; ☆ Internal control valve leaks solution: ※ Check the position of the timer and controller piston or replace the power head; ※Replace gaskets and pistons Guangdong Boying Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional company specializing in R&D, production and sales of environmental protection water treatment equipment. The company's products are mainly used in swimming pool filtration systems, reclaimed water reuse systems, rainwater collection systems, ultra- Filtration system, building water supply and drainage and HVAC system, the main products are: stainless steel sand tank, hair collector, ultraviolet sterilizer, carbon steel and stainless steel multi-media filter, softening water device, reverse osmosis pure water unit, vacuum dehydrator Gas machine, automatic water replenishment and exhaust constant pressure device, pressure expansion tank, various water supply equipment, various water treatment equipment, etc. National consultation telephone: 4008-335-020 Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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