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Common faults and maintenance of automatic sodium ion exchanger (softened water equipment)


Introduction to common faults and maintenance of automatic water softening equipment (sodium ion exchanger) 1. Fully automatic water softening equipment 1. Single valve and single tank 2. Double valve and double tank 2. The controller station is inconsistent with the plane valve station. According to the minimum waste discharge volume of "pine bed", the float of flow meter of "regeneration" rises, the maximum waste discharge volume of "cleaning", and the minimum waste discharge volume of "operation". Example 1: When it is determined that the station of the controller is inconsistent with the station of the plane valve, first press the "OK" button to change the time of each station to "one minute", and observe the size of the drainage pipe of the plane valve. At the maximum, press the "position selection" button until the controller displays "R or (E) followed by an odd number", then press "Λ", change the value to "3" (that is, adjust the controller to the cleaning position) and then press "OK" key.

Then observe whether the phenomenon of other stations is consistent. If it is one, the plane valve is consistent with the controller station. Adjust the time of each station to the normal working time to work normally. Otherwise, observe again. 3. The water output of the water softener is reduced A. The water inlet pressure is not enough (take measures to increase the water inlet pressure) B. The upper and lower water caps or nylon mesh are dirty and blocked (clean the resin or clean the water cap and nylon mesh) 4. Sodium ion exchanger Chlorine exceeds the standard A. The cleaning time is not enough (extend the cleaning time) B. The regenerative electric ball valve is broken (replace or repair the electric ball valve) C. The sealing ring of the plane valve is worn (replace the sealing ring) Does not rise, is unstable or does not rise to the required height A. The station is incorrect (adjust the controller station to the plane valve station) B. The regenerative electric ball valve is broken (replace or repair the electric ball valve) C. The salt solution is too dirty (Clean the salt tank, unscrew the drain valve at the bottom of the salt tank and rinse with water) D. The flow meter is blocked (clean and clear the flow meter) E. There is no alignment mark for the salt valve position (align the salt valve position with the mark) 6. Fully automatic The solenoid valve of the softened water equipment is not flexible to open A. The pilot hole in the solenoid valve is blocked (dragging the pilot hole) B. The diaphragm is damaged (replace the diaphragm) C. The coil is burnt out or aging (replace the solenoid valve coil) 7. Sodium ion exchanger Motor alarm (the overload light is on, and the buzzer sounds an alarm) A. The Hall element is damaged (replace or repair) B. The motor is broken (replace or repair) C. The plane valve bolt is too tight (loosen the plane valve bolt so that it can rotate) Standard) D. The magnet on the gear falls off (reattach the magnet, but pay attention to the direction of the magnet) 8. The hardness of the outlet water exceeds the standard A. The hardness of the raw water increases (shorten the running time) B. The concentration of the regeneration solution is not enough (check whether the salt valve station is aligned with the mark , add salt or adjust the ratio of the two flowmeters.

The ratio of the height of the dilution water to the height of the salt solution is 2:1) C. The flowmeter float does not rise or cannot reach the required height during the regeneration station (refer to Article 4 for treatment) D. Resin pollution (cleaning the resin, in severe cases, external cleaning ) Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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